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  • Lazy Fisrt, or Applique

    Ok, here is one for ya!

    I have decided that I would use canvas for the leggings, and I would like to know the following:

    1) How much of an edge or gap do I leave around the peremeter for zipper etc?

    2)Would it be feasible to applique the main design first, then lazy stitch the background color, or is it reverse?

    3)Would it be possible and how to lazy stitch the whole thing? main design and background?

    Same thing for the moccs? Your answers will be appreciated!:)

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    Riverwoman 2000,

    Funny..........I just finished leggins and mocs myself.

    I used that baby lap pad material as my foundation. Then backed the beadwork with 2 layers of canvas (duck cloth) and 1 layer of a simple calico cotton.

    I left a 1/2 inch boarder around my beadwork. I made my lines in pencil, with a quilters ruler (18 inches long by 3 inches wide). I left a 1/2 inch boarder because I decided to bind my layers together with bias tape. So my leggins have 1/2 inch bias tape boarder before my beadwork begins.

    I did lazy stitch around my boarder, then did my main design in the center, and filled in the background last. The entire leggin is done in lazy stitch.

    I really do not like beading on buckskin :wall: For my mocs, I made a beaded piece that matches the rest of my beadwork and tacked that right on top of the mocs.

    I still had to sew my mocs together by hand, but saved my fingers a little by beading a whole separate piece then tacking that down securly down to the buckskin.


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      Thank you, your info helped me alot! Now I know what to do, well almost anyways:p

      So you leave a half inch for bias tape border, then you can sew the zipper on/behind the tape?

      Did I get that right anyone?

      geez, I may just take the finnished leggings when they are done, and have someone at the fabric shop put that in

      Is it feasible to bead them on canvas, then back with soft cloth, or would they be able to stand up without sagging?!

      Any other details would be welcome!


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        try adding on the zipper first before you begin. my mom does that to my sisters then you will know where to go from there.
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          For the beadwork, you can do everything in lazy stitch. This is the fastest way to bead your leggings & mocs. But if you want to do some appliqued designs, do these first and then fill in the background in lazy stitch afterwards. Be especially careful around the edges of your designs so everything is smooth and covered with no bunching or gaps in the beading. Takes more work to do but can look very nice with the textural contrast.


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            this is what i do....I get material the same color as my backround color and applique it right on the cribb sheet.....then I take double fold Bias tape and sew it right in the edges and that way you'll for sure have room for zipper....and then I draw on the design and the paint it.....fabric paint is MUCh more freindly on your beading needles.....and everyone know that threading the needles is a B***H so heres a nother tip.....thread bout 50 needles @ a time and then you dont have to stop and re thread your needles.....cuts down on time and then you can bead faster :D.....I hope that will help you out
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