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    If you want to make a traditional bustle with hand painted eagle feathers I would just get a copy of Scott Evans tradtional dancer book. The directions for making a bustle are in there. I would order hand painted eagle feathers from Noc Bay, Crazy Crow, or there maybe someone else out there that sells good hand painted eagles. If you don't want the hassle of trying to acquire all of the materials Crazy Crow sells a super deluxe traditional bustle kit that comes with all of the material necessary and you select if you want mature semi mature feathers.

    Hand painted eagle feathers look real nice for a couple of dances but don't stand up very long due to the paint that is on the feather.

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    There are a lot of natural alternatives. Goose and Swan feathers come close to the actual size and shape of eagle feathers, but lack the coloration. Also look for "Natural Black" Turkey feathers. These come close to the actual coloring and patterns of natural eagle feathers.

    If you want to have a good looking bustle, invest in these feathers, make sure you have enough large feathers to make your bustle. Be prepared to order more than what you need, in order to throw away the smaller feathers and damaged feathers...


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      Where to find...

      Hi Guys!

      I'm looking to start building a mens traditional outfit, but everywhere I look, no one sells bustle kits with "nice" looking imitation eagle feathers. I have found pairs, and fan kits with 5 or 7 feathers, but nothing close to assembling new bustles. Can anyone help me out?

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        Thanks guys! Now.....Where do I find natural black turkey feathers? I looked at Noc Bay, Wakeda, Moscow hide and fur, and a few other places, but couldn't find them. Any thoughts?
        ~~"Before I judge a man, I walk a mile in his moccasins. Then if I don't like him, I'm a mile away from him, and I still have his moccisins... R. LeVesque."~~


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          These guys have the natural Spanish Black turkey feathers plus some interesting hybrids. I've never ordered form them so I can't comment on the quality of service. Good luck!


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            I received a full set of the spanish turkey feathers from "Lone Eagle Crafts" They look absolutely great. The colors and size are perfect. It took some time though. Well worth the wait.


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              Have you ever heard of Tatanka Traditions???

              They advetise in Wispering Winds, they are in Texas. I bought a traditional bustle out of the Spanish blacks, and some of the feathers look very good for color. And I've had alot of people comment on the feathers not knowing they were turkey.
              The bustle with shipping was $250. Without rosette, I used a 4" quilled rosette.


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                Crazy Crow has a good hand painted bustle set. But hand painted doesn't hold over time. The feathers tear and won't mend back.


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