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  • Bustle storage and transport

    What does everybody keep their bustles in when not in use or traveling to a dance?

    I have seen some fancy wood octagnal feather boxes and some metal trash can lookin things. What do you use?

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    The first bustle I made I stored in a container I made out of 4" diameter vent pipe.
    The second bustle I made was stored in a heavy duty plastic container with a handle that is 25"X10"X9" that my Dad's place of business was throwing out in a
    company move.


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      My brother keeps his stored in a suitcase. Works very nicely and keeps the feathers looking good! Great for traveling to powwows!


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        As an old style dancer with a round bustle, it's pretty easy. The bustle collapses and is easily packed in a 16" X 16" box or on top of most everything else in a medium sized suitcase. The spikes take the most time to remove from the rawhide base -- just because I'm extremely careful and would rather spend the time taking them off than having to get everything untangled when I put the bustle back together.


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          i just fold my feathers when i'm at home and roll them when i travel. it's important not to sit on them! that's the key in my book ;)


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            I don't know of a simplier way to transport them, because my extenders are so long, but I just collaspe my bustle and place it very last in my car, off of everthing. It's the only way I can keep the fletching of the feathers from splitting enroute. When I get to the Powwow I set up my bustle first, and go from there.

            When at home, I hang my bustle on the wall in dance condition. That way I can easily see the wear and tear on it, or different things I want to do with it. It also makes a cool wall decoration :D


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              I do the same thing as Tuscaroran, It's a little tricky to keep it from getting hit while the car's moving, but it is the only way to make sure your feathers didn't get messed up sitting in a box, plus my spikes are too long for any suitcase, tried that already.


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                This weekend at a pow wow I saw a gentleman store his bustle in a long plastic container that could be used to store rolls of gift wrap paper. It was probably 3 feet long.


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                  This weekend at a pow wow I saw a gentleman store his bustle in a long plastic container that could be used to store rolls of gift wrap paper. It was probably 3 feet long.


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