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Deer toe "bells"

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  • Deer toe "bells"

    I really like the sound deer toe "bells" make. Any suggestions on how to string them up to get the best sound. I've made one set, but I'm just not happy with the way they turned out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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    i tied mine on one at a time. put one on a piece of skinny leather then tied a small knot inside the toe, then put the leather through a leather strap ( what goes around the leg) and tied another knot on the leather.



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      Whitewolf is right. Tie them on one at a time. Don't tie them too tight -- too close to the strap leather that you wear around your ankle or knee. Leave some room for them to hang from the strap leather -- that gives the deer toes the room to swing freely and give off the best sound. More is better too -- I've seen some guys try to get away with 10-12 deer toes on each leg. It works, but the sound is not as good as when you use more.


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        I have 20-25 deer toes on each band. Also use something strong to tie the on "one at a time", tying them on individually also prevents one breaking and then all of them falling off (actually seen it before). Once I let my deer toes dry from taking them off the leg and cleaning, I sprayed them with polyurethene for protection, but it also gave them a different distinct sound. I once seen a guy who included spent ammo casings in conjunction with deer toes. Good Luck


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          Deer bells

          Don't know if you're doing it already but if you carve out the soft tissue on the bottom of the toes, it makes a different sound yet.



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