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  • moc's

    ;) hey, there, i posted this same question on the jingle page but, i haven't had any luck there so, i thought i would try over here... i have the tops to my moc's fully beaded and i need to attach the sole. Do i sew it together on the heel, then sew the sole onto the moc inside out? i'm scared if i do it this way i'm going to bust some of the beads.......

    Plus, i need some help on cutting the sole, i don't want them to stretch out when i first where them. I understand they will stretch a bit but, like do i cut on the grain? Off the grain?

    Your help is much appreciated.....

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    I cut them with the stretch of the leather going toe to heel, that way you have some give if for some reason your feet swell, grow or whatever. I attach at the toe sewing down one side first to the heel and then down the other side...this way if your top is too long, you can trim off the excess or since yours are beaded, then you can remove as little beadwork as needed. Then once the split meets together in the back, sew them half way up , turn the moccasin and then sew it the rest of the way up from the inside (it is easier at that point to sew it from the inside than it sounds).
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      Well, not to be contrary, but I do mine totally different.

      I was taught that your moccasins should be cut with the toe pointing to the neck or the tail of the hide. This would put the stretch going side to side. This makes sense if you want to put an insole in, or wear heavier socks sometimes.

      I don't think there's anyway you can keep the buckskin from stretching when you wear your mocs, but you can test different parts of your hide and use an "unstretchy" part. The thicker parts (good for soles) usually don't stretch as much as the thinner parts.

      Then sew your heel together, (with a welt of course). Then to keep it from shifting, I put 3 holding stitches in place. One at the tip of the toe, and one on each side. If your top and sole don't line up exactly, you'll need to ease the bigger piece in a little. Start sewing at the heel, and if you need to ease your seam some, do it at the side of the heel, and sides of the toes.

      Good luck. And don't worry about turning your moc right side out again. Just take it slow and work it out. If your knots are good, you won't pop off any beads. is what it is...


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