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  • Baby Crib liner

    Hey beaders! I need some help! I just got deployed again for uncle sam but in my down time I still manage to bead. I've been using canvas for a long time but want to try my hand at baby crib liner for the tops of some new mocs and a few other things. Problem is, where do you get it? I know-walmart, but where? I went into the baby department-notexactly this guys fortay, and couldn't find it. I went to the fabric department and as usual I got the "Sunny what are you doing in here stare" And now in my current place needless to say, walmarts are in short supply. So, can anyone give me a hand? Thanks a bunch in advace!!

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    Is that what you mean by crib cloth? I have been to Wal-mart here in town, and found the stuff that a person can use to make pillows, you know the stuffing?There is different kinds of that material, and different widths etc. The only other thing that I can think of is blanket cloth, the thing with the cute bunnies and things over it, for blankets. I hope that helps:P


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      You can get it at's in a package and hangs up with the crib sheets etc. It should be about $7.00 for a fairly large sheet.

      I was also talking to someone this past weekend who told me JoAnn Fabrics has the stuff by the yard.

      Hope this helps!



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        You can always find it by the crib sheets. It comes in 2 different sizes by the package. One is a lap pad (probably 12x12) and the other size is crib size.

        They aren't really expensive and work very well.

        Good luck finding what you need. ;)


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          Hey there,

          You know, I checked Wal-Mart here in Canada, and they didnt have it! *LOL* But the place that I got mine was from Toys R Us. I went to the baby department, and lo' and behold, it was sitting there in with the crib sheets. Baby lap pad!! If you cant find it at Wal-Mart, I would hit up Toys R Us if you have one in your town :)



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            THANK YOU ALL for the help. Now I was thinking about it and I find myself in another mess. Long story short, the only people who know what the heck this stuff is are right here on this board. So if I ask one of my buds to pick me up a crib liner-GOD knows what will happen! Would there be any chance I could get one of you beaders to help square me away? I'll totally reimburse ya through paypal or whatever it takes. I just dont want to waist time and have my budsd send me something with pink bunnies and blue elephants all over it!! I need enough to do a set of mocs and maybe a pipe bag. Pm me if anyone cares to help. Much thanks again for all the circle's help.


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              Beardancer -- Hancocks Fabric Store carries it, you buy it buy the yard and it is usually kept with the interfacings materials. Tell the clerk it is used for a waterproof mat between the sheet and mattress. Back in the day we used smaller squares as a "lap pad" for changing diapers.

              Hope it helps -- runs about $10 - $12 yard but is extremely wide. I would be interested in helpi ng you if no one else is. PM if you would like.


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                In the fabric store its called "flannalized rubber sheeting" sometimes called hopspital sheeting too. Its great stuff. If you get the stuff by the yard is is plain white. You can dye it after beading if the white it too bright against your beads. The baby lap pads in the baby section usually have print designs on them but you can use the other side if it is plain.


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                  I bought two crib pads at a Meijer store. (they're not a nation wide chain) Later, I found some stuff at a Hancocks called "cotton covered vinal" (sp?). It was seven something a yard and felt like the same stuff I bought at Meijer. The JoAnn stores around here hadn't the foggiest idea of what I was asking about when I tried to locate it there. I have yet to bead on this stuff, but can't wait to try it out.


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                    You can order the "rubberized sheeting" direct from Joann Fabric right on the internet. It is 36" wide and sold by the yard. On sale right now for $8.99 a yard. Here is the addy for the web page.


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