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Help!!! how do u take beadwork off the loom??

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  • Help!!! how do u take beadwork off the loom??

    ok i did a fab belt on the come to realize that i dont know what to do with it!!! i am planing to back it in leather and lace it up.....but how do i get it from the loom to that point!! Any help would save my sanity~

    Lost Lummi~

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    very carefully.

    the way i do it is start on on side and cut two strings tie thes into a couple of knots. then tie to more strings and tie these into acouple of knots. and keep doing this on that side of the work. then with your first set of knot and your second set of knots, knot these together. and keep doing this all the way across. then you go and keep doing this till all of them kinda form a point.



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      thanks!!! :Thumbs

      ok i have 60 something strings so how many do i do to form a knot? or do i just one at a time???


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        two strings. if i confused you with this let me know. you can also pm me and i'll give you my number and you can call and i'll help you that way. cause if you live in richmond, i'm not that far from you.



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          There are some more suggestions in the archives on just this topic!!

          Anyhow the best way to do your ends is to cut them as long as possible and then weave them back through your beadwork...yes each and every one... I can never really describe anything without pictures as far as loomwork goes and since I am not currently doing loomwork... but here's a link that might help a bit..

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            man, i hadn't thought about doing it that way. i'll have to try that at a later dat. thanxz.


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              That sounds loike a lot of work. I see my partner do this all the time. She tapes over all the threads where the beadwork ends and cuts the thread somewhere beyond that. Usually where it wraps around the nail.

              or do you use a store bought loom? It still works....just no nail.


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                Like Harold said, I tape the threads and fold them under.



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                  If you are going to back it with leather...

                  I usually back it b4 i take it off the loom. If you try to back it after, you might stitch somewhere wrong, or move it someway then stitch it...the whole beadwork will turn out crooked. But back it first.

                  With the tiying thing, i cut the strings as close to the nail, then take it off both ends, then tie 2 strings together all the know...2 by 2. Then i get all the strings in a neat row, then put tape on both sides and then cut. but leave a little bit of string/tape, the i tuck the taped part in, and seal it up...that's what i did in my belt.
                  SOUTHERN STYOZ


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                    How I do mine is use cloth medical tape and wrap the threads at one end before I start beading I usually squeeze them in a little when i doo this. Then I start beading right against the tape. when I'm done with my piece I tape the other end right where I finished beading. Then I HOLD MY BREATH and cut the strings at the nail. I tie the loose ends in one knot about 2 inches from the tape, then cut off the rest past the knots.
                    Then i take my leather lay it on a board (longer and wider than my beadwork. Put leather glue on my leather then carefully lay my beadwork on top of the leather and glue. I carefully lay another board on top of the beadwork, then put a cinderblock on top of the board and let it sit for a day of two to dry. When I remove my beadwork I carefully sew down the ends of the beadwork to the leather.
                    This is how my dad taught me to do it and it's been working good for both of us so far.

                    Best of luck and hope this helps!!!!!!


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