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  • 3 drop peyote stitch

    Hey yall,

    I have a question. How in da *insert cuss words here* :Chatter do you measure around an object doing 3 drop peyote stitch? I like the nice tight look and am not too wild about seeing threads. I got the video and thought I had it..........nah ah. lol I have the technique down.....I just don't know how to measure.

    For example, I don't usually count beads...I tend to make my design as I go along.....but I wrap the beads around the object, take half of em off (usually eyeball it) then go to town. I've found that ya can't do this with 3 drop.

    With that said......... :Help before i pull out my hair. :Chatter
    SHAKE IT!!!!

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    i learned that you take the beads all the way around the object and then count them. then divide the total by 3. then take off that number.

    ex- 33 beads around divide by 3 = 11 then take 11 off and then procedd as normal



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      :Tongue told ya so! :Tongue
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        Here is a great resource.
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          One thing about doing 3 drop is that the number of beads around needs to be divisible by 6. 24, 30, 36, etc... If it is divisible by just 3, you may end up with two "high" points side by side and the pattern will be lopsided. For example, if the piece was 15 beads around, and your pattern was a 5 bead repeat, or even a 3 bead repeat, the repeat would start back beside itself instead of being high then low. If you go to the 6 bead method, you will always get your beads to fall into a nice pattern and all of your zig zags will form correctly all the way around.
          If your work piece is smaller than a "6" number, a wrap or two of masking tape under your leather backing will usually bring it right up to size. Another option is to change to a different color bead that is slightly larger or smaller as even beads of the same size are usually not exactly the same.
          I know that this is probably about as clear as a cup of mud, but this is another case of if I could show you, it would ring as clear as a bell.
          Hopefully the website above is a big help. The guy who put it up is simply a magician at 3 drop and his work is incredible and a big inspiration to all of us peon beadworkers!!!
          Good luck!!! Steve


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            That isn't true unless you are immolating the standard designs, you only need to make sure the 1/3 you pull off isn't a prime number or it will severely limit the design types you can use. Here is an example of a pattern based on the 1/3 pulled off being 9 which means it is 27 beads around the piece.
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