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  • Keeping Applique Lines Str8t

    How in gods name, can I keep my lines striaght, when I am using the two needle method of applique for beads? I am ready to pull out my hair!:Cry

    I have tried to follow the lines I have set out, but it seems to go crooked on me.. aiyeeee:Mad

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    I am not sure what it looks like and I don't do two needle style.. but it does sound like you might be pulling your second thread too tight... anyway you can scan it front and back and post it so others and myself can take a look and see? Might be easier to help you that way.
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      I am not able to show it, as I took the beads off, and threw the damned thing in the garbage, the canvas that is:Mad

      Oh well, I will have to learn somehow... right?:P Is there any other way to do applique work without two needles? Maybe the one needle would be easier for me, but I have no idea on how to start

      Thanks BlkBear!:D


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        only a whole thread I started about it below this one LOL!! I am using only one needle. Have you ever done embroidery? The one needle way is like doing fact another name for it IS bead embroidery... check out the thread in this section called introduction to Applique... it is'nt about sewing LOL!
        Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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          Thanks BlackBear, I will go and check it out, big DUH! on my part :p


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            I do 2 needle beading.

            I run into that problem occasionally, too. Most of the time my slanted background lines come from being in a hurry and not paying attention to where I lay the next row before I start tacking it down with the second needle.

            I found using a ruler and penciling-in straight lines in the background helps. My lines are maybe ever 1/4 inch, to give me an idea of where I am suppose to be.

            2 needle beading takes time to learn, and use.

            Blackbear has a good thread that has pictures on how to do 1 needle beading. It's good.

            Good luck.


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              Thanks all! I am still debating on weather or not to return all of the beads I had got... Hmmmmm!


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                I say stick with it..............

                The finished project will be worth the hard work you're puttin' in!! ;)


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                  Just thought that I would say that I still have the beads, and I am waiting on the 30ss Rhinestones. Dang, still need a thimble, so that may be one of my problems

                  Thanks for the faith in me, just have to get some of that myself;)


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                    your thumb index and middle fingers will get used to the poking!

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                      Ouch, you know what the worst part of it is? when you stick either a glovers needle, or beading needle right into your fingers:Cry Belive me I have done both

                      I sure do hope it all goes well, like they say practice makes perfect right?:p

                      All I need now is a thimble..aiyeee!


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                        Keeping Applique Lines Str8t

                        I can definitely relate to the time and frustration it takes to bead a straight line. My personal preference is to start small on a project and work up to a larger project.

                        I use one needle and buy good quality backing material. I bead on that baby blanket material and that stiff backing material. I got the stiff backing material from shipwreckbeads. I usually glue the baby blanket material (fuzzy side down) on the stiff material with a thin layer of crafters white glue. I then lightly draw my design on the backing. Not too dark as the heavy lines will show through the final product.

                        I have had good success with this technique and the beaded rows/lines will stay straight. On the first beaded line I line it up with a ruler and add a small line of crazy glue to it and hold it til it sets up. I don't overly tighten the beads either. Each person has there own techniques. If you use this material the needle slides through like butter. Happy Beading!!



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                          Thanks for the hint, I will try and use that information about the crazy glue, did you mean that you used it to tack down the thread? and which one at that?


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                            Here's a craft wound for ya-flattening porky quills with your teeth and sticking one in your tongue!!!:Cry Explain that to the doc (I did)


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                              flattening porcupine quills


                              A good friend of mine was working with her quills and accidently swallowed one. She ran into the living room and told her husband. He lifted his eyebrow and says what do you expect me to do?? He also told her most likely the acids in her stomache would render the quill into mush. Fortunately, she survived to live another day. That is all.



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