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  • graph paper

    alrighty, i went through the archives and the beadwork forums and i couldn't find what i was looking for.

    does anyone know of a webpage that i can down load graph paper for lazy or loom stitch beadwork.


  • #2 don't need special graph paper...regular old square shaped graph paper works as well too and you can buy a pad of it at walmart for under two bucks...but if you prefer to download..

    scroll down a few on the page and you'll see the free downloadable graph paper.
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        graph paper for beadwork
        by Majii
        I'm looking for a web site that might have graph paper for loom beading that I can print off.

        Does anyone know of a site?

        I'm just getting tired of using regular graph paper and getting the measurements wrong.
        05-17-2001, 09:18 PM
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        Long Term Effects of Backing Beadwork
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        I have seen many others that have dopne their beadwork on index cards and even paper? I have always used canvas and have usually used interfacing behind that.

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        I've noticed that the Iroquois have a very distinct style of beading with raised patterns. It looks so neat. How does one get that raised look? Are the beads hunched up in short stitches or are they beaded over a base of other beads?

        And is this stitch only found on certain kinds...
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        Hi everyone! I am interested in making loom bracelets, but I was wondering if anyone knows what the beadwork and leather is attached too? Here's a picture of some loom bracelets I found on a website. Thanks for the help!...
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