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  • Crow Belt help

    Hi all,

    I am starting to work on a new belt. I have some questions about it.

    1. How do you sew through the heavy leather?

    2. Does this type of belt have to be laced in the back. I am thinking of lacing it on the side were my future pouch will hang. This way the lacing will be covered by the pouch and I can bead all around.

    3. How do you determine the number of beads needed to account for the curve that will be added when the belt is worn?

    Here is the original belt that I is my inspiration.
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    Close up of the belt.
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      crow belt

      I have taken heavy harness leather belts into shoe repair or saddle-making shops before and, as long as you have marked on the back with a pencil where the holes go, they can run the belt through their leather sewing machines (without thread loaded) and it makes a nice even row of tiny holes.


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        i am in the middle of trying to make one of these also. when i sew the longer bead lines i do it with the belt curved already. maybe if you can rig up a mount for it that leaves a space open where the needle can come out the back and then just rotate it as you go.

        or you can wrap something around it and bead over it so it is a little humped and then pull the piece out leaving equally droopy lines.

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          My EX mother in law makes belts like this. She doesn't push the needle all the way thru the leather. Just thru the top layer, like you'd do lazy stitch (lane stitch - whatever) on buckskin. I've never seen her in action, only the end product, so I don't know if she uses a small buckskin needle, or a curved one, or bends the leather to make the stitches.

          Although she doesn't do the long drapy lines of beads, remember it will be flatter in the back and very front, and more curved at the sides.
 is what it is...


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            Thanks for all your answers. I had though about having the belt sewn but am unsure how to keep the stitches straight and how to account for the difference in hole distance when your lines run at an angle.

            Hadn't thought about the different curve radi around my waist. Always thought of myself as being round. :D
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              My dad has made several belts. I know he does all the bead work for his on the loom, then glues the beadwork to the leather. I'll ask him how he sews it all down, and post it here. I think, but i'm not sure, he just sews down the ends of the beadwork to the leather. But like I said I'll double check with him and let you know.


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                Yep I was right after he glues them down he sews the ends of the loom work to the leather. Said he hasn't had a problem with them coming up and his one belt is 5 years old.


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                  Thanks ShadowWolf
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                    My pleasure, it's actually nice to know that I have a little knowledge to pass along, since I'm kinda new to beading!!!:o


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