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    Besides not going all the way through the material or leather. What is the difference between lane/lazy stitch and applique? I'm planning to bead my mocs and I've always hear you're suppose to bead them in lane/lazy stitch. Can anyone help me out?

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    Lazy (lane) stitch is a good way to bead your mocs, cuz it covers a lot of area, and it "stretches" a little with the buckskin.

    One of the main differences between the two is that you use 1 needle to do lazy stitch, and 2 needles to do applique. In lazy stitch you'll string on more beads at a time.

    I have done mocs in applique beadwork, but some ended up pretty tight, cuz that style of beading has no "give" and it actually took up the buckskin a little.

    In lazy stitch you put down rows of beads alternating back and forth forming a lane. It's best to mark out your first "lane" (usually 5,7, or 9 beads wide) so everything will stay straight.

    But of course, it's best to do a lane clear around the outside of the moc top forming a border to begin.

    There's probably a good tutorial somewhere that will illustrate it better than I could explain. is what it is...


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      Here's a couple of very basic web pages to peruse.

      I like to call it lazy stitch, but it's actually harder to keep your lanes straight, and make your design come out right, than when doing applique. is what it is...


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        Thanks for the help Wyo_rose! Anyone else have anything else they would also like to add?


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          Most of my lazy stitching is done on heavy canvas. When beading on canvas your stitches should go all the way through the fabric not just to the middle as you do with leather.

          I use canvas for anything that will be exposed to sweat or moisture. Beading to leather on headbands, armbands, etc will only frustrate you, as eventually your leather will rot out and you will have to replace the whole piece. If you do have a piece you want to bead to leather spend the extra money on brain tanned or imitation brain tanned hides. Commericially tanned hides are much harder to get a needle through. (Not impossible, but having beaded on all three types, I wont bead to commercial leather again.)

          I always draw my lines out ahead of time and when doing geometric patterns I start in the middle and work my way out to the edges. It makes it much easier to get your design centered where you want it.

          When starting new threads on canvas pieces I always start my thread by running it through the beads of the last 2 or 3 stitches I have made. This buries the knot and the thread end securely so it wont pull out. I have had problems with my thread ends pulling out if I dont run it thorugh some of the previous stitches. some like to tie it directly to the canvas with a knot so there are different ways to start threads.

          The width of your lanes will vary depending on your bead size, how many beads you are putting on each stitch and how much "hump" you like to have in your stitches. I am currently using 12s on the vest that I am working on and I used a 3/8 inch row which gives each stitch a little bit of a hump. I usually do even numbers of beads on each stitch between, either 6, 8 or 10. I use those because most of my designs are geometric and you get a nice 45 degree angle when dropping two beads on each stitch.

          Hopefully that gives you some more ideas.


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            I was wondering have you ever used the flannel covered rubber crib sheet or lap pad material to bead on?
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              Yes, Mato. I LOVE beading on crib liner. I think it's way easier than canvas, it doesn't stretch, shrink or unravel. And you don't have to back it with paper or another layer, unless you want to. It really holds if you have something to glue on, also.

              I use it for all kinds things. Just remember it doesn't breath, so if you use it for leggings, or something like that, they will get kinda sweaty.

              There's some pics of my beadwork in the gallery now, and the majority was done on crib liner. It works great with applique style, but is OK with lazy stitch too.
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