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  • buckled beadwork

    I made a strip of beadwork for a choker on a loom. When I stitched it to the leather backing it got all buckled. So I took it apart and re- did it. It is still kind of wrinkled looking but not as bad. I usually do applique and thought I would give the loom another try. I only used one a few times when I was a kid.

    What causes the beadwork to not lie flat? any tips would sure be appreciated

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    That's tricky. Best thing is to make sure the piece lays flat, real flat. Try using the edge of a table or counter top. Let the edge you are sewing hang over the edge just enough to let the needle pass through the material. That might help a little. Another hint, tack down only one thread at a time. Sew in the direction of the warp threads, tacking down the weft thread in between beads, and don't tack at the outer-most warp thread. If the beadwork is real thin (1-2 inches) tack at the second or third warp thread. If the piece is wider tack at the third or fourth warp thread. Remember, tack only one thread at a time. Tack every third to fifth weft thread.

    If all this is confusing PM me and I'll explain better or send you drawings.


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      Thank you! I had the edge warp thread whip stitched to the backing. I undid it again and tacked it like you said. It is laying a lot flatter now. :)


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