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  • other styles of beading

    there is a style of beadwork that i have seen used on items that i am very interested in learning about, i have seen this type of beading done on items mostly coming from the Ho-Chunk Reserve in Nebraska, do you know about this style???
    Also, how about Chevron stitch, do YOU know about this style and if you do, what can you tell me about either, or can you hook me up with someone who knows??? Help

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    I'n sure someone on this list can help you out. Can you tell us a little more about the Ho-Chunk beadwork style. Can you describe it, what type of object it is used for, or what the finished product looks like? That might help us answer your question better.

    As for what you call chevron stitch, it sounds like you are refering to a style of Peyote or gourd stitch that reverses at the center of an object. I'm familiar with the technique but I have never made anything with it.

    Once again the intriguing questions posted on this list arouse inquiries of my own. This post calles to question what is a "style" and what is a "technique." I would classify the chevron stitch listed by Napesne to be a technique in the peyote or gourd stitch style. Others might classify styles and techniques differently.


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      Ok I know the chevron stitch as something totally diffferent..but then I also hear it called chevron chain. Here are some examples and how to do chevron...
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        Thank you Black Bear, that is the sort of link I have been looking for myself. I am always into trying new beading techniques.

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          hey y'all here is a pic of some of the beadwork i was asking about hope this link works.

          and i guess what i should have said when i was referring to the chevron stitch was the technique used by Dick Past in that old magazine, i have that magazine but i don't understand his explanation of his technique. Maybe it's too technical, but i just couldn't get it. Does anyone out there have an explanation that would make sense to me? Help, thanks

          And if y'all would prefer y'all can write to me at [email protected]


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            here is a pic

            i hope of one of the types of beading i was talking about
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              Straight...are you talking about what they also call Mexican Lace?
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                That bracelet looks like it is 3 bead gourd done in hex beads. Note that at the center line of the pattern there is a reversal of direction in the gourd stitch to form that 'chevron' as you called it. I did this same thing on the leaning stick I use when singing. Basically all it takes to do this trick in gourd stitch is to reverse the direction the beading thread is traversing in. I myself usually attach beads in gourd stitch working from right to left increasing towards myself. Well, to do this technique I just start a new thread and work from left to right. During the initial stages of doing this you have to make sure the first few rows (in particular the very first row) of beads snug up to the previous ones in the right place. This technique does tend to show the threads a bit at the spot of reversal but not too bad and it can give nice effects. Keep in mind that to make the chevrons and keep them separate they should be base 2 or more patterns.

                That could be flat peyote too but I think my first comments are right since most flat peyote work is done along the lines of 2 bead drop and that is definitely 3 bead and it goes all the way around the piece. The pic is kinda small and hard to see.

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                  Yeah I do ..look at link..but after thinking and re=reading your post...I don't think they are at all the same thing LOL. I have a book though that starts off a round peyote and then ends up with a lace stitch for a rosette that is mounted on colored leather or felt and then glued or tacked down to it. Veon Shunzel has this technique in her 3rd book by Veon's Creations. Mostly bead patterns for brick stitch.
                  Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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