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  • barettes??

    ok ive finished the beadwork for my barette its a circle about the size of my hand -- now what???
    one girl told me to hot glue it to the skin and then sew around the edges
    but how do i get the feather to stay on?

    as you can easily tell im lost ANY help would be appreciated!

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    Do you want the feather to be removeable or stuck in your barrette full-time?

    I wouldn't use hot glue. Too hard to sew through. is what it is...


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      i would like to be able to remove it but have it sturdy enough to survive fancy dancin


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        OK, well if it's as big as your hand, you'll need a BIG metal barrette, or two even. If it's as big as your palm, one will do :p. You'll probably need something stiff between your beadwork and the buckskin backing. Mild jug plastic is good, cut it just slightly smaller than your beadwork. Make the slits for your barrette in the buckskin and the plastic, too. Sew the buckskin to your beadwork.

        The easiest way to attach your feather is to sew a 'pocket' right over the original buckskin backing. Make it out of buckskin, too, about 1/2 inch by an inch, but size it so your feather fits snugly. Sew clear through the buckskin and your beadwork, just make sure your stitches aren't going to show on the front. If your barrette feels 'floppy' take some stitches through all layers around the metal barrette itself. (I wouldn't use glue.)

        You can wrap the base of your feathers with tape or something if you think they're gonna fall out. Or stitch along the inside of your pocket to make it smaller. is what it is...


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          cool..I always just tie my feather into my hair behind the barrette
          Your way sounds lot better
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            I use a vatiation of the pocket method wyo rose described. My plumes have bamboo skewer extensions on then which are wrapped with sturdy tape. I make two slits in the buckskin lining of my barette, one on top of the clasp and the other below it. My plumes are then shoved into the top slit and positioned behind the clasp and then back out through the bottom slit. If you don't cut the slits too wide, this method will hold up through any windstorm!


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              for the two metal barrettes, how would you put that in?
              ushoo' udish dee'


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                you have to put them on before you edge bead by cutting two small slits..and I am talking smaller than the width of the barrette and then working the b...................... OH HECK... Hot glue the sucker on the back and then stitch it to the back of the barrette through the holes for the clippy kind and then just around the ends for the other kind.

                I think I might have to start a new tutorial here on attaching barrettes to beadwork...the way I normally do it...too hard to explain without pics even though it is'nt all that difficult to do...
                Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                  Please do!
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                    as soooooon as SouthernSt8 gives me back my MGI photosuite!
                    Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                      use duct tape...


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