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  • What is it about wax...........

    That smaller kids just can't resist the urge to try to sink their teeth into my beading wax?? :p

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    Bee's wax smells good enough to eat. My friend was teaching a class when a 10 year old boy grabbed some thread conditioner, that blue stuff, and ate the whole thing. We alsways wondered if he had an excessively smooth bowel movement after that.


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      The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
      -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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        Whoa! That's yucky. I'm glad my kids didn't like the taste of my wax, but they love to stick pins and needles in it.
        They've even sewn thru it with a needle and thread, round and round. is what it is...


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          My littlest guy likes to try to bite into my wax. If I turn just for a second, he's got the wax and there are a bunch of little chomp marks in the wax! :p


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            Maybe it's a throw back to about 35 or so years, when we could buy those little drinks that came in a wax bottle that we could chew afterwards. Or maybe those bright red, waxy lips you could play with, then chew the flavored wax?!?!?!

            I used to have to hide my beading wax because my cats and dogs would love to get a hold of the unprocessed bees wax (it's darker and smells more like honey) cake and just eat it all up.

            I love my tipi's. I'll never be homeless with them.

            History is written by the winners.


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              good thinking twd bear!! My wax smells just like honey cause it comes from a local beehive and is melted down into little bars.. My kid leaves it's ME that can't keep my teeth off of it LOL!!! I was one of those kids who would bite, poke, sew , stick things into and draw with mom's beeswax...hehehe...
              Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                I get bee's wax from the local honey producers. Its all cleaned and I melt it and pour it into ice cube trays or mini muffin tins. That way we always have a clean, portable pices of wax.

                When I work on big projects I often get yellowed fingers like a heavy smoker and I don't even smoke. Its from the wax.


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                  I miss those waxed bottles with flavor in it. :Chatter

                  I have to hide my wax from the dogs. I left one out once and woke up to pieces of chewed wax all over the floor. It's that fresh stuff they like the best.
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                  "I can't sleep, the clowns will eat me."

                  "Things are more like today than they ever have been."


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                    Eating the Wax

                    Nothng strange about eating Bees' wax. Afterall is it what the Bees' use to make their combes, etc.

                    In fact Honeycomb has been a favorite food of many cultures inlcuding Native America. I can remember when every jar of Honey had as least some Comb in it. Now only a few producers of Honey put any comb in the jar.

                    Just make sure the wax is clean and has not been processed with any chemicals or other stuff.
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                      OK TWDBear 35 years???? I am 16 and i know what you are talkin about... They were called Nik-l-Nips, they came in cherry, grape, lime, orange and i think lemon... Jeez make me feel old now!

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                        Hey you can still buy those wax bottles with flavored liquid inside. I can find them at the quick trip and sometimes at the grocerystore. As a matter of fact I was feeling nostalgic awhile back and bought me a bag of them. Good stuff!!:Chatter


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                          Havent seen those things around in a while, I miis em too
                          NO MY EYES REALLY DONT LOOK LIKE THAT........ THATS ME AS A BRATZ DOLL ;)


                          Some guys are good with their drum sticks.... and some just arent...:karate:


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                            That is soooo funny:Chatter

                            I can't even remember the last time I seen those, either!!:)


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                              My favorite were the ones that looked like coke bottles and were cola I could'nt just buy a soda LOL
                              Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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