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Do you bead at the computer?

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  • Do you bead at the computer?

    I figured out how to weave while on the computer. There are so many popups everywhere and my computer is slow (4 years old and no upgrades) that I fill the waiting time working on my diagonal weave right here at the computer. I have it tied to a knob on my computer desk and just keep weaving along. Now I don't quite so guilty being on line when I'm supposed to be beading.:Angel2

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    trying to attach a picture.
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      I see no one else has posted anything here so I'll tell the truth, lol I do bead while at the computer!! I thought I was alone! Im an internet junkie and I luv beading so I do them at the same time. The only thing I hate is when my size 14 beads fall IN BETWEEN THE KEYS!!!!!! :Chatter :Chatter :Chatter
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        Beautiful work Ingrambead!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I can't figure out a way to get my loom to fit on the desk with my computer otherwise I'd give it a try.

        Any suggestions??? By the way my loom is 8 inches wide and 4 feet long, if that helps
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          :o Yup.....I'm busted. LOL I like to read and bead.
          SHAKE IT!!!!


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            That loom sounds like it needs its own room!


            Ooo I just had to use one of these new thingies.

            Thanks for the complement. Its going to be a necklace I hope to wear to the Gatherig of Nations in ABQ next month.:blushing:


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              did it once.. I was trying to remember how to do that spiral rope chain and needed to just get it started up... but then I sat down and tried to bead and type and stuck chest with a needle and said forget it...never again.
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                :20: I am a robo-beader. I bead at the computer and listen to MP3s, do some surfing and sometimes watch movies. I try to stick to listening to music, cause I get less done if there are shiny pictures distracting me.


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                  Originally posted by spottedeagle
                  Beautiful work Ingrambead!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  Any suggestions??? By the way my loom is 8 inches wide and 4 feet long, if that helps
                  get a smaller loom.........


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                    Naw, I'm staring at the screen for the majority of the day that I want to run away by night. Unless of course I'm in a fiesty mood, but I won't bring my beading in that. Sometimes I wonder why I have a computer at home, let alone that we have two. Anyway, to answer the question instead of telling stories, no, I don't bead at the computer, but I do use that lovely bead design program that spotted eagle suggested. :)
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                      Well, I actually don't bead while at the computer.
                      My table is to small.
                      And my pc is to fast, the pages are loaded too fast ;)

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                        I must admit, I sit around on, reading threads and working on my leggings, but its sequins work, and I have dumped my plate twice in front of my computer. Maybe that should be a lesson. *LOL* Picking them up is not fun, but yeah, I have a slower computer too, and I will just sit here and work on the leggings while I am at the computer or chatting with friends. Haha. Most of them are slow typers, so I can usually get a few sequins done while they are typing out their msgs.



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                          yah I bead on the pewter...every now and then...when I'm not too busy chattin or eatin.
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