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  • Beaded Belt Buckle

    what size should a beaded belt buckle be? I know what they look like but can't visualize the right size. I need help. :)
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    I suggest getting your buckle blank first. Then trace it.

    I have some that are 3 " round, 4 " round (pretty big), oval about 3 1/4 x 4 " (kinda big too), a cool double heart thats like 3 inches x 5 1/2 inches (huge :p), and smaller ovals too, but I don't know what size.

    I found the cutes little tiny baby buckle blanks and paid $6 a piece so my baby grandson could have one. Then it was too small for his belt. is what it is...


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      Thanks WyoRose, i wanted one of those rectangular ones its for my dad. so I ordered one from the lady i get beads from and i'm not sure how long its gonna take but my dad's Bday is 4-14 and i don't wanna wait til that last week trying to bead it real quick... so thought i would cheat by getting dimensions already...

      anyone else got any size tips?
      The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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