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  • beading thread help please

    Hey there,
    I am working on beading my dress now, I am using canvas. I haven't had a problem with the canvas freying, but the thread is "unknotting" itself as I am beading. the piece I am beading now is about 14" long and width. I am about maybe 1/8 of the way done, but I am worried the beads will come off as I keep going. Help????
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    here's what i do when i'm beading.

    i put acouple of knots on the end of the thread. then i put the needle through the canvas from the backside and then move the needle over alittle bit and go back from the front side. and then once again, i move the needle over to where i need to start the beadworks, go back though the canvas and start beading. ( this way you have extra protection for you knot {it's harder for the knot to come through the canvas that many times}) also, when i bead far away from the knot i put a dab of super glue on the knot.


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      Yeah, what he said! :p But it all depends on your canvas. You might try sewing thru your knot on the second dive thru.

      And at the end of your thread, tie the knot to your thread one stitch back. is what it is...


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        Ok, that sounds like a excellent plan for starting a new thread from now on.....but what about the ones already coming undone?
        I didn't do it, honestly. I have burned all the proof.


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          OK, I've had this happen before. Get a new thread going and go back thru the beads starting where they're coming off. You'll probably want to go back about an inch and a half. Tie it off and pull the loose end of your original thread out of the beads until you have enough to tie off. (If you still have a little knot there, just snip it off.)
 is what it is...


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            When I bead lazystitch on canvas I always bead each thread into another row.

            So when beading a row from left to right, my first stitch will at least 3 or 4 stitches in from the left side of my start point. I then bead to the left to the edge of my work, then I start by running the needle back through the stitches I just laid down until I reach the end of my thread, then I stitch back through the beads of the last 3-4 stitches. This leaves only one pass of the thread through the beads on each end. When I start a new thread that is next to already sewn beadwork then I start the thread by stitching through that last stitch that only has one pass of thread through it. This keeps each end of a thread always tacked down by two different threads. I dont have problems with pull out on canvas anymore...


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              Are you beading with a single thread, or are you doubling your thread??

              I had a project where I only used a single thread. That came undone just like you are describing.

              But I double my thread, and use wax and tie an overhand knot twice. Then when I tie-off I clip my thread by my needle and use the two threads to tie a knot just like you'd double knot your shoes. That works very well.

              As far as the stitches that are coming up, you will need to go back thru them, just like wyo_rose described :)


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