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Tips on beaded fringe?

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  • Tips on beaded fringe?

    I am wanting to do some beaded fringe on a couple of items I am going to get made here soon, and was wondering on some tips.
    One piece of the fringe is going to be on my dress, and one of the things I was wondering is how to end the thread when it is too short and how to start a new one back up.
    The other is going to be on my wedding dress and I was wondering how to bead it fast and quick without spending forever on it.
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    You can get pre-made beadfringe at Joanne's fabrics.. then you could just straight stitch it in place with your machine... otherwise why not just do a scalloped fringe... kinda like loopy loop fringe if that makes more sense... I could explain how to tie off and re-start till I am blue in the face and I will not be able to explain it very clear without showing you... but have you done beaded fringe on a bag or pendant? You would pretty much do it the same way on fabric as you would those (if you have done that before).

    For the wedding dress... I've seen alot of people buy those premade lace appliques for wedding dresses, bead and sequin them by either glueing on the beads with a very strong thick glue or just bead them on by hand... then they put the appliques on the dress. I watched my mom make several wedding dresses this way and it looks WAY fancy!
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      OMG, you're getting married??!!?? Congrats, congrats!:D I totally agree with Blackbear on the buying the premade appliques. You can even find beaded ones. I would sew them down, but heck it you're in a hurry, glue is fine. How far away is the big day? Maybe I can find some premade things down here for you.

      On your beaded fringe: I would end in the middle of the line of beads right next to your dress. Tie a knot on the backside of your dress. When you start your new thread, back up a little, so you can come thru the last couple of bead again. That way it won't be obvious where you ended and began. is what it is...


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        I won't be getting married until June of next year......was going to be this year, but Suprise, I have a baby on the way. Neither of us were supposed to be able to have children, and then Christmas eve I went to the hospital because I was dead sure I had a kidney infection, and found out I was 2 months pregnant! My fiancee and I were so shocked! Now it is last trimester and I am getting pre-baby gitterbugs! LOL, but it is all good. We have more time to plan and put our wedding together.
        Thanks for the tips! My wedding dress I wanted to do the beading fringe my self, but if our Jo Anns fabric would carry the beaded fringe, then no need to worry.
        But for my regaila, I am going to hand bead the fringe. I want to put Abalone buttons on the end of each piece of fringe. it will look nice.
        Anyways, I will post again here soon, with hopefully a picture.
        I didn't do it, honestly. I have burned all the proof.


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          Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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            Oh, I'm so happy for you!! And don't worry about the pre-baby jitters. Once you see the little tyke, you'll realize they are the greatest gift!!
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              Congrats!!!! Don't forget to post pics when the dress is done. Same goes for the tinytot!! LOL
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                Wow! hehehehe Congratulations girl!!! That is too awesome.:D
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