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    YEP you got it right wyo. LOOKS DANG GOOD TOO!!!!!!!!!!
    The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
    -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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      speaking of painted beads

      Originally posted by Blackbear
      * looks around to see if anyone's listening* Psst... hey.. why not just paint beads on the truck bed cover.. make it look like it's beaded with giant beads????? save ya some time and cash and would'nt weight so much ROFLMAO
      Speaking of painted beads. I have recently relocated from a highly Native population area to one that isn't. In my search to find some kinda community I found a Native American festival that had a young female sporting a full white buckskin dress with AIRBRUSH designs and no beads. i was sad and had to go, even though there is more to being Native then the dress and the dance, I didn't even get that. But I am sure that her great grandmother was a beautiful Indian princess.

      I just had to share, it was a traumatic event I am still recovering from, there are no indians here and I feel like I am in the twilight zone


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        Originally posted by Lil Stinker
        A beaded thong would be a bit too much.

        And a bit uncomfortable! Don't ya think?:D


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        • pinklady
          how much$$is 2 much for beadwork?
          by pinklady
          just wondering what is the most anyone has paid for beadwork? there is set i seen for 4700.00 for a crown,hairties,choker, medallion ,earrings,drop and purse.
          is that too much? it was good work,lots of rhinestones. but even i know rhinestones dont cost that much.
          03-28-2005, 07:51 PM
        • Suzizila
          a beadwork sampler
          by Suzizila
          Has anyone around here ever made a beadwork sampler? I am thinking about doing something like that to try out new designs. This idea is coming from the July/August 1998 issue of PieceWork magazine in which they cover several things like beadwork, quillwork, baskets, quilting, making dolls, and other...
          02-07-2004, 01:11 PM
        • Suzizila
          Jesus Beadwork
          by Suzizila
          I was just wondering how common is it today that people express their religious faith in beads? Not too long ago, I came across a beautiful bag with Jesus walking on water. (Unfortunately, the reserve on this bag was out of my range.)

          I've had designs going through my head based on Christian...
          04-21-2004, 10:28 AM
        • Suzizila
          raised beadwork
          by Suzizila
          Has anyone ever seen raised beadwork on anything other than whimsies and glenngary(sp?) hats? I'm thinking of attempting to do some for a beaded set I want to work on. How well do you think it would last on leggings and a vest? Am I right in thinking that it is a row (line) of beads covered with...
          06-08-2004, 04:37 AM
        • Zintkala Towa Win
          About Beadwork And Prices.
          by Zintkala Towa Win

          Just wanted to see what people here on feel about ordering beadwork from people. I have done it once for my daughter and the experience was far from positive. I am the kind of person who doesn't like to order something if I can't pay in full, I don't like to do...
          01-03-2011, 08:40 PM



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