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How do you do this??

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  • How do you do this??

    How do you bead the middle??
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    There's a guy in Tulsa who makes these crosses very well. Although the one you posted is from a pawn shop in Oklahoma City, I don't think this is one of his. His are usually totally beaded in the middle (this one has a small hole) and his designs are much better (in my opinion.) The four sides are beaded in regular 3-bead technique. The middle is done just like the ends. The ends are covered in beads, you just decrease the number of beads until it closes in.

    If you have ever seen peyote beaded medallions, the center of the crosses are done the same way. There really isn't an exact way that they are done, you juse eye ball it and put beads where they fit. Experienced people just make it look better (not me)

    If you are ever in Tulsa go by Lyons Indian Store downtown and they might have some of these crosses.


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      Paul, these crosses aren't very difficult at all. I have made two small ones (pendant size) and one big cross (bigger than the one recently found on Ebay) with the base being a coat hanger (you can make a nice loop at the top using a needle nose pliers sp?)
      For the middle, you just fit beads in where you can. On the ends, just reduce the number of beads in each circle as you work your way to the middle. I didn't have any problem with this since this is the way I complete beaded feathers while using the peyote stitch. I'll have to try the rhinestone middle some time. It looks pretty nice.


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