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Finally, Finished !!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Finally, Finished !!!!!!!!!!!

    I finally finished the belt I've been beading for my wife Pam. It's a rose pattern belt done on the loom. The beadworkis 3 1/2" wide and 33" long. Total almost 27,000 size 12/0 beads The pictures are in the gallery and I will post links here as soon as webbie oks them.
    The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
    -Daryl Baldwin: Miami

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    Finished belt:

    Left Side:


    Right Side:
    The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
    -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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      Really nice job! :Thumbs


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        A Rose By Any Other Name......

        Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

        I really like how you made the center rose different then repeated the left side in mirror image. Very smoooooth.:D


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          Are you suuuurrrrreeee you wife wants that? I mean.. I know a certain BEAR that would just love to have that in her posession.... :Chatter

          I bet you spoil her as bad as SouthernSt8 spoils me!!:p
          Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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            Thank-you for the wonderful compliments!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit I am soooooooo glad to finally have finished this belt.

            Where does everyone get their buckles from I checked everwhere locally and can't find any!!! I know Crazy crow has them, but I hate to order something and pay $7 shipping for $3 worth of buckles!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Hmmm maybe an excuse to order more stuff!!!!!! ;) Think my wife will go for that?????:Chatter

            BlackBear, Pam says for the right price..............maybe:Yell
            I told her, if she sells it, she has to make the replacement!!!!!!:Chatter

            YEA she's spoiled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG TIME!!!!!!!:o
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            The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
            -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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              My wife always falls for the extra order excuse. LOL


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                Ouah very nice job ! bravo !
                " J'adore les cacahuètes. Tu bois une bière et tu en as marre du goût. Alors tu manges des cacahuètes. Les cacahuètes, c'est doux et salé, fort et tendre, comme une femme. Manger des cacahuètes, it's a really strong feeling. Et après tu as de nouveau envie de boire une bière. Les cacahuètes, c'est le mouvement perpétuel à la portée de l'homme. " Jean-Claude Vandamme


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                  There are a several places around here that I get buckles. Try looking to see if you have a shop in your area that makes belts or repairs shoes (i.e., a cobblers shop) there are still folks out there that do this and I have been able to find them everywhere that I have lived over the years. Another good place to look is places that sell horse tack equipment. Sometimes it has to be in the surrounding areas but they are there.

                  If you absolutely can't find them then so to close out stores like Big Lots or Value City and look for pet collars. You can also find those cheap and just cut the collar in two and use it that way.

                  Happy hunting

                  "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pablo Picasso

                  "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift...that is why is it called the Present." Master Oogway - KungFu Panda

                  My comments are based on what I have been taught and my experiences over the years I have been around the circle. They should in no way be taken as gospel truths and are merely my opinions or attempts at passing on what I have learned while still learning more.


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                    Tandy Leather has recently started to reopen retail stores across the country. You can go to their web site and find locations. They came out with a new type of buckle that I LOVE!!!! The introductory price was 24cents each I bought out the Oklahoma City and Sacramento stores about three months ago.

                    They also have a new tool for setting silver spots into thick leather. You just put the spot in the tool and one hammer strike it goes through the leather and crimps itself on the under side. This thing is slicker than snot! and worth every penny (if you do a lot of them like I do.)

                    Hope that helps.


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                      Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
                      -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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                        Great job on an awesome belt!
               is what it is...


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                          Thank-you. Pam has already talked me into doing a barette to match the belt. It will be the same as the middle rose. She gonna have a whole outfit done before I even start on mine at this rate!!!!!!!!! Hope she tells everyone at the powwows Joe don't have any beadwork cause he's always working on my stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Gotta love spoiled wives!!!!
                          The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
                          -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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                            That is an awesome belt. Very well done...I salute. What kind of beads did you use? Is this part of a set?


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                              I used 12/0 seed beads.

                              When I get it all done it will be a set. This was the first piece. My wife has talked me into doing a hair piece using the center rose. Only problem is she wants to wear it at the end of the month!!!!

                              MAN She did it to me again!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!
                              The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
                              -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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