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taking a break from beading

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  • taking a break from beading

    <<<<<Yawn..........Stretch.......Yawn.......Stretc h.....>>>>> Yes, I am having one of those moments where I had to put the beads down for a bit. For once, something went right while I was working on a headache of a project (the beaded pieces for a friend's gourd sash). Early this morning, an idea popped into my head for a design that required an even amount of beads. I got exactly 40 beads to go around the base. At one point during beading today, I noticed a major mistake, was able to pinpoint the source of the problem, and fix it with no trouble. I became so psyched about the project that it was hard to put it down.

    The design for my project has eagle feathers and the flag in it. My colors are periwinkle, transparent light topaz, transparent rootbeer brown, an iridesent white, a transparent luster blue, and transparent luster red (some of the eye candy I picked up from a vendor from Florida who is always getting awesome charlottes of different shades and special finishes in and comes up to take part in a bead show I go to) Right now, I am in the middle of working on the red and white spiral stripes of the flag.
    When I am finished with that section, I have one more row of eagle feathers to work on. I am so happy to finally have something that is working out as I have been working on this project for a few years......with several designs having not worked out. When this project is completed, I have one more project to get completed & then I can start beading stuff for myself once again.

    Do you have a project that has left you totally frustrated until that magic moment when everything just all clicked together?

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    I know I have had something like that come up wtih just about every project I have done so far.
    Right now Iam in the middle of making my buckskin dress design so I can bead it and place it on the dress. I have a design I want in my mind, but it isn't coming out on paper just right so I am fustrated. I did get some other great Ideas for my dress though.
    I have a baby on the way now, so I started to work on regaila for the baby. I am not sure what I am having just yet asd as so, I don't know if I want to find out. I am just excited I have a smaller version of myself on the way :) :D
    I have also learned how to quilt just recently. So I have made a baby quilt and I am working on a design for a quilt of my own. I have the favric and eveyrthing, just need to know how I am going to sew it together.
    Anyways, all my projects are going good. I just need more time to work on them and more patience to do so. I don't have patience whatsoever! LOL.
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