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I Need Beads!!!!

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  • I Need Beads!!!!

    I need some decent all even
    i got some from a pow-wow booth.....they were all uneven and stuff..:Cry
    anyone know where there is a good place to buy beads from????

    :Angel2 thanx:Angel2
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad new but, that is just the nature of beads...they are not all even. They vary from color to color even in the same size. and there is variation in the thickness on the beads in every hank. You just have to cull the ones that are too fat or too skinny out and save them for another project.

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      Sounds like the vender got their beads from crazycrow.:Mad

      PWbum is right. But just so you know some suppliers have better beads than others. I've gotten beads from one source and had to cull a lot of beads per hank and beads from another source I culled say maybe a dozen beads from a hank. It also depends on how picky you are. Unless the are supersized, oddshapped or real thin on one side........I use them.

      I've heard shipwreckbeads is a good source for beads and there are others.
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        My favorite source of beads is Baker Bay

        Baker Bay Bead Co. thousands of beads for hundreds of projects. Extensive selection of Delicas, Charotte Cuts, Seed Beads, Hex Cuts, Bugles, Faceted, Rounds, Pony Beads and Crow Beads.

        But if you want real even ones, you could try

        Jewelry Making Supplies at Low Wholesale Prices - Fast Shipping on All Orders. Free Catalog. Quantity Discounts. Live Friendly Customer Service. Over 18,000 Design Ideas and 100,000 products!

        and get their Dynamites---------I don't like them because they look kind of plastic-y to me, even though they're glass, and there are broken ones you have to cull out, but they're kind of like a bigger Delica. Cheap in price, pretty much, but I prefer Baker Bay and culling a little bit.


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          It helps to buy czech beads also. japenese are too odd and uneven, unless you go with delicas, which are famous for bein uniform, toooooooo uniform, unless your using them for peyote/ brick stich or loomwork.


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