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  • Figuring out sizes........

    Just curious how everyone calculates sizes when figuring aout a pattern.

    I'm asking this because I'm switching bead sizes again. I'm switching to size 13 Charlottes. I'm trying to figure out my pattern for my belt and I'm trying to figure out how many beads will make my belt 4" wide. I also have to figure out how many rows will make about 28" long. I'm thinking about doing an eagle flying and I have to figure out how to draw it all out before I begin beading it.

    I know, Why can't I pick easy stuff to do!!!! It runs in the family. LOL

    Thanks Joe
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    Holay! That'll take a lot of beads!!

    Anyway, get a hank of 13's and put a couple rows on your loom. Measure it and see if you want to reconsider. is what it is...


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      I really didn't want to have to string up my loom until I had the number of rows figured out.
      The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
      -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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        You can figure the row portion by the size of the bead. This is what I mean by that; the sizes of a bead is not an arbitrary number. For 13/0's it means that if you lay the beads on a flat surface with their hole facing up, then line them up touching each other. At this point there will be 13 to an inch or at least very close to it.

        As for the height well that's a bit harder and really depends on the thickness of the beads you buy at the time. Usually you can just put your ruler up to one of the string in a hank and how many ever beads are in 3/4" is close to what will be in an inch on the loom.

        Hope that helps

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          hmmm loomwork....

          the best way to figure out say 4 inches is string your beads to say 3 3/4 inches (gotta take the loom string into consideration). You usually want to keep it and odd number for design purposes. as for length, jus keep beading until you reach yer desired lenghth. for a belt I start in the middle of the loom and work my way out in each direction to make the center of the belt fancy. hope that makes sense,

          good luck :D


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            Thanks PWB49 and Fancyshawl. Beadman (need to change his name to loomman) really helped me out on this one.

            The reason why I asked this question for this belt, is because I'm going to try to bead a complete eagle flying as my belt. In order to draw out the eagle, I was trying to figure out demisions in order to make it look right. I'd hate to get half done and realize opps this isn't going to fit right. So I'm trying to draw it out on graph paper and the computer and desing it to fit within a set number of beads. I had a guess, but I was trying to get a little closer.

            My problem was I don't have any size 13 Charlottes yet and no where close to get any (that I know of). I absolutely hate making small orders and paying shipping, then turn around and make another order and pay shipping again!!!!! Trying to cheat the postal service a little;)

            Thanks everyone for the help!!!!!!!!!
            The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
            -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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              bead size

              If you go online to some of the bead sites you can pull up blank pages of graft paper-in different sizes and styles of beads/beading. I'm doing a 3" custom belt pattern and my loom has 54 strands of thread, the two outer are doubled. My belt will be about 36" when completed -- including ends and lacing. When I put my drawing to graft paper I did it to scale then you just count your beads. I don't know if you want to go through all that trouble but when it's done you have a good idea just how your piece will look. I also used colored pencils so I could get a better idea how it would look and if I needed to change anything. I've started it and had to re do it 3 times before I was happy with how the center looked. Good luck
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