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  • Peyote stitch beadworkers.

    I received 2 eagle tail feathers from the repository recently. I do some beadwork, but do not feel skilled enough to take a chance with my new eagle feathers. Would anyone like to perform the beadwork for me? I'm not sure exactly how all the legalities would work out, but I would definately send copies of the paperwork from the repository stating that sole ownership in the feathers belongs to me. Therefore, the beadworker is not responsible for ownership of the feathers but is simply performing a service for me.

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    No takers? Was the request inappropriate? I didn't think so since I do have paperwork and I'm sure we could add a written agreement to cover our hides.


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      personal thought

      Personally, i would practice and practice to be good enough to do my own beadwork on my own feather(s). I find that the process of doing the beadwork, and creating the art is just as important as the finished project. The creation outweighs the possession


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        Hmm...I got the same response about having someone else work on my bustle. Must be the going response on nowadays. TIME is the issue! I'm in my last year of doctoral work and just don't have much time for my craftwork anymore. Thanks for the comment. I'll see what I can do.


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          Some of us are just starting out our beadwork skills and are too afraid to work on such an important item, just yet. That's me personally. But I know there are a lot of good beadworkers on here, sometimes people are busy and it may take some time to get a response. Try pming Blackbear and Powwowbum49. If they can't do it they be able to suggest someone to help you out.

          And personally I don't feel your question is inappropriate at all. I'd be afraid of messing up real eagle feathers too:)
          The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
          -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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            Thanks for the insight. This morning, I may have found a way to get these done.


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              I'd be willing to take it on..but I am a bit busy until June 22nd. So if time is an issue before then... count me out.. also count me out for anything like featherwork on it... it would be straight up beaded nothing extra.
              Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                Thanks! I'll keep you in mind. I'm not that pressed for time. Some time this year would be good enough for me!


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