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Problem with metallic colored beads

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    OL... I thought of something else as well... as long as you are daring enough to mix bead types... but most delica beads don't lose thier color right away either... But as I metallic is permanent unless it's actually made of metal.
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      But as I metallic is permanent unless it's actually made of metal
      I had metallics that were made of metal (hexes) and the colored ones, the color came off. I had to coat those too. Used them in a dang headband of all things. Good thing the daughter has more than one set of dance clothes. (outfit-dress-regalia-costume-rig-etc and etc :taunting: ) ;)
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        Thanks for your help folks!

        I tried the Duncan spray. I need to work on my application technique. I have a string tied around my wrist, we'll see how it holds up over the next few days. Even if it doesn't help with this, we're going to have fun with this compound in the lab, LOL.

        If this doesn't work I'll go for the real Au plated. I've blown an enormous amount of my time (and yours) with this problem. I'll just give Empyrean or Land of Odds the obscence quality of money needed to buy those. I have to order more of the cream colored Miyukis anyway; so what's a little more pain in pursuit of art, LOL.


        I have sketches for nine of the fourteen figures I will ultimately need. The purse will have northern buckskin, northern men's trad., and a jingle dancer. I have layouts for 3 men's trad, a straight , 2 northern buckskin, a shawl, a jingle, northern cloth dancers. I can't get the kids right or the grass dancer. The fringe on the grass outfit looks like a mass of a solid color from a distance. And I've never been able to get the proportions on kids bodies right, I have the wrong head to body ratio going this time...

        Heres how one of the male figures looks:
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          That's gonna be one [email protected] purse!!!! Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all done!!!!!!!!!!
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            :D Absolutellllllyyyyy beautiful as always OlChemist , makes me feel so small in the world of beading right now ..sigh but at least I can bead ............. so no more pitty party lets bead ......
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