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what do you use for the backing of a beaded breat

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  • what do you use for the backing of a beaded breat

    i've just finished doing some bead work and i dont know what to use for the backing and i would like to know how!!

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    I was thinking about this an I use that soft foam in the craft department to line my bead tray with an it is wonderful.
    So when I saw this post I took a old bead project that I messed up the pattern on an cut the foam to see if it would work. An guess what it is soft the needle goes through it with no problem an really makes it strong . Comes in all kinds of colors too.
    They use it to make those little foam shapes . An glues easy too.
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      Diaper pad and duck cloth canvas work really well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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        I stiffen my work with plastic milk bottle or varnished file folder. If you sweat, I'd recommend the milk carton. Then I cover the back with ultrasuede. Being a miracle of modern organinc chemistry and contianing nothing natural, ultrasuede resists dirt and oil pretty well.


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          What happened to my thread on how to back something?????
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