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  • what's your setup?

    We just moved to a larger place and I'm excited because I'll be able to have my beadwork and other craft supplies in one room that's separate from other stuff in the house. Previously, I just did all my work in the living room (in front of the TV, usually ;) ).

    I've been trying to figure out what kind of furniture I should get for the room - table, comfy chair, whatever.

    So my question is: what's your setup? Where do you do your beading? On the couch, at a desk, somewhere else?

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    Wow, a craft/beading room. I'm so jelly!:p Whatever you go with, get a good adjustable light. I like those new Reveal lightbulbs to keep from getting colors mixed up.

    I had a old style school desk that I liked to sit at and bead. Nowadays it's any and everywhere.:) is what it is...


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      Originally posted by wyo_rose
      Wow, a craft/beading room. I'm so jelly!:p Whatever you go with, get a good adjustable light. I like those new Reveal lightbulbs to keep from getting colors mixed up.
      Well... technically, it's also going to be the guest room, but all that's in there now is craft stuff. :Angel:


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        you need a tv or radio something to listen/watch while you bead. :)
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          I got one of those really nice craft tables from Joannes Fabrics (with a 50% off coupon of course ) and parked it in the living room behind the couches in front of the television. Otherwise all my supplies are stuffed in the spare room closet and a desk LOL. Organized? Me??
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            I just turn on the tv in the bedroom and prop up the pillows and start beading. All my beads and supplies are more or less just in big piles. LOL But I know where everything is until my wife gets the urge to "organize" my stuff.


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              Well, sounds like I am one of the only folks that have a specific place to do most of work from. I have a separate outbuilding (my studio). I do al lot of crafts other than just beading though. I am getting read y to remodel it so it is more functional but I still currently have different areas for different crafts. and lots of storage areas for raw materials. I have an area dedicated to roaches (how I make my living), an area for sewing, an areas for general craft work like feather work and currently silverwork as well but when I remodel there will be a totally separate are for this. Just don't forget lots of shelving to store the raw supplies. But then you probably won't be doing nearly as many different things as regularly I as I do.

              Now to be specific about beading....I store my beads in the studio but I do my beadwork were ever it takes to get the project done. I like to have a table or a tray next to a comfortable chair hear at home, but I bead at dances and while I am catfishing and anywhere else I have to so the project gets done fast as possible. I have a small craft box that I carry all my tools in so I can travel and bead as needed.

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                I have a studio, now I'm not lucky enough to have my own building... I use a room in my house and an area outside for messy/smelly work. I also share space and equipment in a friend's studio to do all of my clay and much of my silver work. (Neither of us want to contaminate our living spaces and families with the toxic chemicals and the just plain mess.)

                The MOST important studio item is safety glasses:) Second is llighting. I have south facing windows so I get lots of indirect natural light all day long (and lots of west facing windows so I cook in the afternoon, LOL). I have several adjustable drafting table style lamps, that I can move where I need them.

                The third is seating and work surface. (OK, I'm also my company's safety officer and spend tons of time making sure people don't hurt themselves with their keyboards and chairs. So here comes the repetitive motion injury warnings... LOL) If you are going to bead or do close work for more than a hour a day, be kind to yourself and invest in a comfortable, adjustable chair that you can position so your wrists and back don't experience strain.

                I use an old dining room table for my primary working area. I've bolted a couple of power strips underneath so I have access to outlets. I have one of those folding workmate benchs for light carpentry work and a folding jeweler's bench. (Not to mention a loom and warping reel in there somewhere too.) I have some huge wooden TV trays that I use to drag my beadwork all over the place and a jumbo tackle box that I use when I travel or teach.

                My home studio space is lined with those wire shelves they sell at WalMart, they're cheap, lightweight but strong. I have big plastic bins for cloth, hides, feathers (lined w/cedar drawer liner), and yarn. I keep my beads in those little cabinets with clear drawers, so I can see the colors all the time (very inspiring). I also use those bigger plastic drawers for other tools and supplies. I have a small locking cabinet where I keep dyes, glues, cleaners, non-flammable solvents, fixatives, and such. I have a small filing cabinent for my invoices, MSDS's, sketches, magazine clippings, photos, and slides. I have an area for my reference books. And a little rack for small lumber and hardwoods.

                Another thing that I find important is my inspiration area. I have a bunch of bulletin boards on which I tack up pictures and photos of other folks work -- some from museums, some from powwows, some from magazines, a lot from friends. Some pics of leaves, snowflakes, micrographs of things... These really get me going.

                My outside area is a metal table where I can set up my soldering pads, pickle pot, and torch or my hot plate and dye pots. (I keep my corrosives and flammables locked up with the lawn mower. Safety message number four, LOL.) It gives the neighbors something to stare and point at when the TV gets boring.


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                  Lets Bead

                  Yeppers I have a craft room hmmmm or should I say the whole house is my craft area .
                  Shelves are a must an I got those little drawers they use for screws an put all my hank beads in there with labels sorted by color an size.
                  Light oh yes a must .
                  Comfy chair oh yeahhhhhh
                  I have my computer in the craft room so I can pull up a pattern if its to small so I can enlarge it .
                  Then in the closet I have shelves for material , totes with leather an jingles stuff like that totes are our friends.
                  Clear ones are good for parts.
                  I also have a set of those little multi drawer things for my threads an needles an stuff like that.
                  Have fun.
                  Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
                  Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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                    LOL Ol are u my twin .. Sounds like me dragging those trays about the house .. Mom loves it when she visits I have one just for her .
                    Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
                    Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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