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Chevron style gourd stitch

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  • Chevron style gourd stitch

    Is there anyone out there that can explain how to do the chevron style gourd stitch?

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    You mean the stuff where you change the direction of the diagonals?


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      I didn't understand it until I saw the diagrams in this book:
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        Well, these are the pictures from my class handouts. The first pic is an upwards pointing V, and the second is a downward pointing V. Each "sub-row" is in a different color.

        The first (blue) row goes in just like regular gourd stitch. On the second row (red) for every up pointing V put in two beads rather than one. (Remember what goes up must come down; for ever up V there has to be a down V.) The downward V will take care of itself in this row, just remember where you want it to be. On the third row (green) you're going to need to pay attention to where each bead is going to get the diagonals going the right direction. At the up V put the third row bead between two second row beads. At the down V you will skip the third row bead and go through BOTH second row beads. Once you have the first three rows in, things will pretty much take care of themselves from then on.

        Repeat the above and voila you will have bead a toilet paper roll -- uh I mean -- whatever you're making. *Wink*

        I like chevron for fans because I can run the V's up the edges of the fan and do all my expansion there so I don't have the breaks and gaps associated with adding in conventional 3-drop. The fan I just finished is done this way.
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          Opps forgot to label the above pic. That is an upwards V.

          This next one is the downwards V:
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            Where do you teach this class?

            Do you have any pictures of making designs in this style?
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              Yes, I think you are describing the right style. Thanks, I will give it a try when I get time to do some mor beading:p


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                Originally posted by Paul G
                Where do you teach this class?

                I did a couple of workshops in Boston while I was up there. Now I'm reworking my materials in preparation for approaching a DFW area arts organization about having some classes. I am trying to replace the sketches (which sucked) with photos and expand the material on the cultural matrix of beadwork. I found for the non-Indians in the workshops it was often their first time to be exposed to Native arts as living entities and not artifacts behind glass, so I want to get more pictures and interviews with contemporary artists.

                Do you have any pictures of making designs in this style?
                Working on it:)


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