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Finishing Loom Work - Suggestions?

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  • Finishing Loom Work - Suggestions?

    Hey Everyone!
    My name is Signe (pr. kind of like "seena") and this is my very 1st post here. This is an awesome message board! I don't know why my google searches didn't come up with this site earlier, especially since I've checked out so many times before...But, anyway, I'm hoping some of you can help me....
    I've been looming for about a year & a half. Some of my work has been native/tribal, but a lot of my work has been original designs (mostly bracelets). Being that I was already in the art community, lots of people have seen my work; and now I have a bit of a waiting list of people who want me to make them a bracelet. Everyone is telling me I should make this into a business, but I'm a little reluctant for one main reason - I want my work to be as professional-looking as possible. Finishing what I've loomed has been a bit of a dilemma for me. I know I have several choices, but which one is best? :Help
    With most of my bracelets, I've weaved most of the warp threads back in the work, tied double knots, applied glue, then made a loop and clasp (using a large wood bead) using the left over warp threads. This would be fine, except that the size is limited, and I don't like the way the glue looks or feels. I'm also concerned the clasps/knots might eventually wear out.
    I've also used the Sharondipity loom, with success, but it's longer work and a few people don't like the end result (one continuing loop that's folded over and clasped (again w/loop & wood bead).
    I could sew it to leather/fabric, but my sewing skills are subpar; and, frankly, I'm stinking lazy. But if you think this is the best way, any advice on how I can do this in such a way that it could be store-quality would be so appreciated.
    Now what I really want to do is braid the warp threads. I came up with an idea to weave the outer warp threads into the center warp threads (to make it look better), then braiding. I saw a girl's bracelet, where she used old indian buttons as a sort of clasp & I thought it was so cute and easy to wear! However, another beader online told me that braiding warp threads is a no-no, because it will pull the design out of whack. Has anyone done this method?
    Sorry for the outrageously-long post. For anyone who can help me out, thanks in advance!
    No Worries,
    Signe :Teeth

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I think that braiding the warp threads would be best in your situation. If you braid a square end the work WILL bunch up. If you can figure out how to taper the ends to a narrow end or point (1-3 beads would work) then braiding the ends would be just fine. It might also be the best way to attach a clasp. I've included a rather poor photo of a tapered end below. Also, if you use colored thread as warps it will add a little color to the braided ties, the image below uses purple yarn as warp threads. If you have the means to post some of your work I'd love to see it. Just don't make SpottedEagle and I look bad.:D
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      I'm so sorry I didn't respond earlier. No disrespect intended. My computer has been wacky for the last several months, and this site seems to make it even slower. I'm actually writing this from my work 'puter.
      Anyway, thank you so much for the advice. At about the same time you told me about the braiding, another friend found an article on sewing on ultrasuede & snaps. I'm trying the latter at the moment, but once the hysteria dies down (I've gotten a bit of a waiting list for bracelets), I'd like to try your method.
      Again, my apologies.
      See Ya,

      P.S. - I really doubt I could make you look bad. :)


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        Oh geeeessss!!!! I read through your first post just now then started reading the reply, and I thought half way though that this is the same thing I would say, then I realized that I was the one who wrote it! I am such a bone head! I forgot about this whole thread.

        Anyway, at least you found something that works for you. I'd still like to see some pics when you get a chance to post them. One more thing to make your computer run even s l o w e r . . . . . :BadPC:


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          Another question....

          Hey Beadman (or anybody else who knows),
          I've read about taping the warp threads before cutting them & then I figure I can sew the ultrasuede over the taped ends. Can I use any tape? Or do you recommend one over another? The ultrasuede is somewhat thin, and I'm only covering about an inch of the back of both ends of the piece.
          Again, any suggestions would be really appreciated.


          P.S. - It'll probably be after the holidays before I can post some pics, Beadman, but I'll let you know as soon as I get something up. ;)


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            It depends on the piece.

            If it's a straight loom piece which will have leather ends or ties, i'll just weave the bead thread over and under the loom threads about 12 times, then seal the threads with clear nail polish. Then i'll tuck the ends under the beaded ends and cover them all with leather.

            If it's a loomed necklace (both regular and split-loom) that will fit over the head, an all bead bag, or a circular loomed piece, i weave all the loom threads back into the bead work, going back through 2 beads per row, and for four rows.

            I have loomed pieces that i made when i was 12 years old at the encouragement of my grandmother, that are still holding together. The ends on those pieces, i just wove the threads and used masking tape.


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