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help i'm slippin' away!!

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  • help i'm slippin' away!!

    Great question! Especially since my mocs caused a slip on the gym floor this past weekend. I've heard of people putting beads of hot glue on the bottoms for traction. I've never tried that myself. What works really well is to dampen the soles just before contest or exhibition. (I didn't do it this past weekend) Either walk on wet grass or dampen them with a wet rag. It really helps! Of course its not a permanent fix. Thats my $0.02 worth. Hope that helps.
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    I use latigo or heavy harness leather. I usually have the roughest side out.


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      I slip more when my mocc bottoms are wet! I have seen folks use this puffy paint kinda stuff and I have also seen them got to army surpluss stores and get these rubber slipper type soles that they have there for like $2.. I think they work the best! You could always bead some golf shoes??

      Take care


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        Dampen the soles of the moccasins. That will help some. Don't get them too wet or the problem might get worse. You might also try roughing up the soles -- carefully with a knife. Gently scrap the soles where they make contact with the ground -- it's pretty easy to tell once you have worn them for awhile. If you are a little uneasy about using a knife, tie on your moccasins and walk around on some rough finished concrete -- that will certainly do the trick. You just want the bottoms scraped a little to improve traction. Hope this helps.


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          would sandpaper do the trick to ruff the soles up?


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            In a pinch you can always step into a puddle of spilled soda pop! It gets sticky when it dries!


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              a corn starch based powder! that is what the ballet dancers use and sports people. i use that and i use puffy paint dots in a cream color. just my 0.2 cents
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                OR!!! i almost forgot, go to the dollar store and buy those tred things that you put on your bath tub floor, you can cut them to size and there is a whole bunch of colors!
                If you lose the drum beat of the creator, you are lost in life - Aanishnabe

                You say I don't look indian? Well you don't look stupid, but looks can be deceiving!


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                  SHOE GOO!!! works wonders. it will keep your worn out threads from ripping, fill in holes and keep you from slipping.

                  just be sure to use it in a very well ventilated area.
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                    I'm with itokasniye on this one. If you do not like the slickness of your moc soles then try 'Shoe Goo' on them. I would suggest roughing up lanes or rows across the soles of your mocs. This will give the shoe goo something to stick to kinda like sanding before you put a coat of paint on something. It is also very good for prolonging stitches. I have never used it myself but know many that have.

                    Good luck

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                      help i'm slippin' away!!

                      last summer i bought a pair of moccasins...i danced one powwow and they were alright...the next weekend the soul of the mocs had become real smooth and it was all i could do just to stand up...what is the best thing to use for the soul of the moccasin?



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                        Way up north here, the eskimos use this stuff called sole saver on the bottom of mukluks so they don't slide on ice. It comes in a paint can like container and you spread it on the bottom of the leather sole with a knife or putty knife and when it dries it is a soft rubber sole that does'nt wear away very easily. My hubby used it on his soft-soled mocs and it works great for him. It gives him traction but lets his slide a little too for some of them fancier steps he likes to do. I don't know if you can find it online, but a store up here called Black Elk Leather and Beads does sell it. It costs somewhere around 9-15 dollars a pint and you can do about 2-3 pairs of mocs in large sizes with that amount. Thier phone # is (907)562-2703 and they do ship to the lower fourty-eight but has to be credit card only or maybe post office money order, not sure, have'nt worked there in a few years so I don't know what the policies are anymore. Anyhow they are good people and are helpful on the phone as well. They also have a free cataloque they will send you on request and have the largest selection of beads I have ever seen! Well over 250,000 types of beads in stock including old trade beads, sizes down to 14 hex, delicas, stone, crystal and one of a kind lampwork beads from national and local artists. Anyhow like i said, give em a call if you are interested.
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                          Greetings: I was reading the suggestions to my wife < and chuckeling about the " shoe goo" ( we laugh cause we've used it ) , and she said " remember when the little ones were learning to walk , we put surgical tape or that sport tape , you know , the white cloth tape,just a strip of it on the bottom of their shoes. Worked for them! Later
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                            Such a coincedence to come across this topic......just this weekend at a Pow Wow held inside a gym with a concrete floor, my son was really jamming down during a sneak up, and went down low, and just about did the splits and then fell nearly flat on his face, when his moccasins slid on the concrete floor.
                            So we have been talking about how to keep that from happening again. Needless to say, my son was a little more cautious in his dancing (and it showed), and we were trying to figure out some way to help him from sliding.
                            So I've gotten several ideas maybe we can help him out some. Thanks!!!

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                              I know this will be a little odd but good info sometimes comes from strange places. Stage performers and fashion models, women in High heels specifically have this very problem, especially when they are wearing new shoes. They in a pinch will use masking tape on the bottoms "soles" of their shoes to help with slipping or skidding. Really good shoes with leather bottoms are really slippery, I should think that soft mocs would really give a dancer a problem, lots of really tricky moves. I decided to put this in because you can get masking tape in a pinch just about anywhere and its inexpensive.


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