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  • Lets dance.... DO THE BUSTLE ....

    I was wondering how many of each type of feather(pointer, wing, tail) to complete a double row goose bustle? I would also like to know any tips there might be for working with goose feathers or any other pointers you guys may have.

    And just an aside, what do you guys think of an old-style mess bustle with contemporary work. I have old-style norther regalia and I am building contemporary and I was just wondering how I might be able to mix the two for a good weekend of dancing.

    Thanks in advance for all the help.

    "It's fate Malory, fate."
    "It's fate Malory, fate."

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    First things first. My opinion is to find at least 36-40 pointers and secondary feathers for the base row of your bustle. Don't scimp here. If you have enough for a second row, then add it. Obviously, you can get by with fewer feathers in the second row, providing you have a nice full row as the base. There's nothing that looks nicer than a full bustle of well spaced feathers. I've never worked with goose feathers from what others have told me, they are pretty strong and hold up well. They should work nicely for your project.

    As for mixing "old style" with modern traditional, I don't personally care for it. I have seen it done, but I prefer keeping the integrity of each style separate. That's just my personal opinion. Some elements carry over for each -- a roach, beaded cuffs, beaded pipebag, etc. -- but to me, the styles are unique in their own regard and should be danced accordingly. That's my opinion. Hope this helps. Good luck with the bustle project.


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      That being said, would anyone be willing to trade some goose skins for some beadwork??? I suppose I could advertise in the local paper. People in this state (TX) like to kill things.

      P.S. I was kind of leaning that way on the tradish/comtemp thing. thanks for the input

      "It's fate Malory, fate."
      "It's fate Malory, fate."


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        Good luck on the project. You might have an easier time buying the feathers from a trading company, such as Crazy Crow Trading Post right there in Texas. That way, you can order what you want in the quantities you need and get the materials rather quickly. It's certanly more convenient. Good luck.


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          on the topic of bustles, does any one have a good pattern or know how to make them and can explian it in an e-mail? My email is
          [email protected] plz let me know.



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            I seen a bussle an apache had made it was quite simple It was two turkey wings in whole that were somehow tacked,nailed,or otherwise attached to something.Everything else was pretty much the same.And thats my problem I'm not sure what else I need or how to attach two wings to what i need to attach them to.if anyone has any idea about what materials i need please let me know


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              Last fall I saw a bustle made out of the whole goose wing. It got my attention so I had to ask how it was put together. Once the wings were dried out, the gentleman used construction adhesive and screws to keep the wings in place. The wings were screwed into a piece of plywood. I can't remember if he used a rosette to cover up the screws or not. He stores the bustle together in a large suit case with the rest of his regalia around the sides to protect it. It does look really great and I have only seen on like it once.

              Hope this helps.


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