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    OK here we go. Does anyone know how to do flat gourd stitch and how to start it. What is it used for besides on baseball hat brims to show off? I think it's used on the toe of Comanche/Kiowa dusters. Any ideas?


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    Old Man--did see a picture of an old Comanche cradle board that was completely done using the flat gourd stitch, but it was done in pony beads. I have also seen a variation of it done when doing medallions and I also think I saw the same style of stigch done of the shoulders panels of a dress. Hope this helps and hope to see you in a few weeks.


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      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by OLD MAN:
      OK here we go. Does anyone know how to do flat gourd stitch and how to start it. What is it used for besides on baseball hat brims to show off? I think it's used on the toe of Comanche/Kiowa dusters. Any ideas?
      You sew your first row down to whatever you're covering with beads, the proceed. If you can cover it with beads then it's already been done. I've seen dress strips, bags, cradles, belts, braid wraps, etc, etc done in flat gourd stitch. It's technically called strip-netting but you can call it what you want.

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        For instructions on how to do flat gourd stitch check out some contemporary beading books at the book store. These can be found in the jewerly design sections. On duster moccasins I have seen brickwork but not gourd stitch. The one cradle that was mentioned is done in brickwork. The difference in how the two stitches look once they are finished is you can do gourd work turn it 180 degrees and looks like brickwork. The techniques and how you do them are totally different. Historically I can find no referance to flat gourd stitch work in Native work. This was a primary style of work used in Europe to create purses and it was typically done in flat stitch style work. I have seen some flat gourd stitch done by contemporary Native artist on strick a lite bags, rosettes, and other smaller pieces of work. The more traditional methods to produce flat work would be lane stitch or two needle applique.


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          There are also mags that you can get at the book stores or possible(rarely) walmart called Jewelry Crafts and Bead & Button . Both very good both have how too sections in them. Also nifty ideas and history of beads and work check it out


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            If I remember correctly, in an older issue of either Whispering Winds or Mocassin Tracks had an article about making Comanche duster moc's. Instead of lazy stitched strips down the down, they did them all in flat gourd stitch. I have seen some photos and some originals of moc's that were done that way. It is one of those things that most people who aren't looking closely would brush over until they realize that there is more to it than there would appear to be at first glance.
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