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    Water stained silk ribbon was what was used in the old days. However it is very hard to get so most folks use the taffeta.

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    Long time ago, I guess in the middle 70's moire taffeta was the hot item for ribbonwork,


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      Ribbon Work

      What type of material do you prefere to use? I have heard everything from silk to taffeta.


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        OK!!!!!! I am over here, over there, over there, what ever. I use to remember the words to that WW1 song. Getting old.
        The old rayon ribbons and silk were very tightly woven. When you cut the strips or the slits to make your folds you do not want the little "feathers" of strings to show. The new rayon is not tightly woven and shreds.
        Unfortunatly so does much of the new silk. There are some exceptions to this, but very few new ribbons will do. Too loose a weave does not make for good cutting and folding.

        As to doing ribbon work in the future, watch out boys, I am retiring soon and will need the money, so, I will be doing ribbon work again. But NO tipis. And there shall come forth a flood of craft work not seen in many a year. I hope. Retirement....what does that really mean??? Going to dances, harassing committees, putting up tipis early, and having a good time.



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          just a little tip to help prevent the "feathers that tipis was talking about, coat the edges with clear fingernail polish, this also works if the ends of the ribbons on a ribbon shirt are becoming frayed......


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            It's getting lonesome over at EBay so I'm coming over. Old Man Here.

            Comments for Tipis: Retirement is great. You should try it. You can get real hungery trying to make mony doing ribbon work. You can't get you hours back.

            Comment for Straighdancerinaz: I've seen and done short cuts making straight suits, but perfer to use the standard cut and tuck method. Call me "Old Fashoned" but I like to think I'm helping to preserve the craft of the Osage ladies.

            Over in the ebay discussion, I started talking about the problem getting quality trade cloth to mount ribbons on. Seems American Broad Cloth can't deliver and Crazy Crow's quality isn't quite what I'm looking for. Comments?

            Got to leave for a Pow-wow. Talk to you soon.
            Old Man


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              Aword of warning about silk ribbon: It WILL
              NOT hold a crease from a fingernail. Think
              about this before you use it. I know:
              I am single and do all tjis myself.


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                I do not intend to make money in retirement doing ribbon work. It is not done only for the money. I love of keep the old way alive. You never make back the money in any craft when it comes to hours. And that goes for all the beadwork I do. Tipi making did make a little money. This help me donate several tipis to powwow groups to get them going....NFICS and AICA.
                The silk I have does hold a crease and bends wonderfully. But, it is old tightly woven silk like old rayon ribbons.
                And as for clear nail polish, it shows up on inspection. I have probably tried every short cut there is and some you have never heard of in making ribbon work, but good ribbons and good technique cannot be beat.


                [This message has been edited by tipis (edited July 16, 2000).]


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                  Hey!!!!!! thanks for the sucking up. I need all I can get. If I had a choice on ribbon work, tipis or beadwork, the tipis would come in first, bead work second and then ribbon work. For the tipis, which are my great passion, I need tipi "slaves" to help me make them. So, since I cannot get a steady supply of the these slaves and my Dr. told me to stop making them because of health reasons, I will only make them now when someone REALLY shows me they want one and are willing to spend a week at "Camp slave away making a tipi". For that they get all the griping, instructions, my library to study through, videos up the casooo on pow wows, craft work and knoweldge you can put away in those hot, dusty, sweaty hours. And all the showers you can take.

                  Did I also tell you I am a silver worker too??? CAn tie roaches and weave blankets, brain tan....this is beginning to sound like an add for a husband....any takers????



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                    Check out George and Eileen Hoyt's Ribbonwork at:



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                      Very nice ribbonwork - I wish I had that many sets just hanging around my house


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                        Hey, everybody - about finishing "feathery" edges of silk and rayon and blends:

                        "Fray Chek" - sold in fabric stores and craft/fabric departments - has dried clear, so far, where I've used it, which would be taffeta, 'satin' ribbon, etc.

                        Costs less than most clear fingernail polishes, and doesn't smell bad. Other, similar products sell under different names, but I haven't used 'em.

                        Sew there!

                        People keep telling me to act my age. How old am I, again?
                        "As long as dancing is cultivated, civilization progresses; but no sooner is the interdict set forth against it, than the people who were once refined by its inspiration, relapse into barbarism."
                        - Thomas Hilgrove, 1856


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                          After buying one scarf set from Cass Enterprises, I think I'll never use any others. Their selection of colors is great, plus they make the scarves big. I guess they are Osage size. I sent money up the Gray Horse and said pick up five sets. I don't care what colors I make the shirt to match. At $15.00 how can you go wrong? They get two thumbs up in my book.



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                            Is there an address or phone number for them??


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                              hey tipis

                              i can't say that i need a
                              but i do need a good new roach...
                              think u can help...let me know


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