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  • fireproofing

    I"d love to know if anyone has a suggestion on how to fireproof the shell of a tipi without spending $500 for the chemicals..
    The ole coating on mine is wearing pretty thin, and worries me. Over the years I've seen a couple of lodges go up in flames destroying everything in just seconds. But the only thing I"ve found so far (forget the name) is highly exspensive for a five gallon container. thanks for any help..

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    Depending upon the age of your tipi and how thread bare it may have become, the only good way to "fire-resist" your tipi is to be just carefull. And this comes from a tipi maker and one who burned down her own 12' tipi out of carelessness. Accidence happen to anyone. The only thing that fire retardent chemicals do is to help slow down the fire...not prevent it from happening. I have seen 5 tipis go up in flames in my life time and they were all from stupidity of the owner.
    And there is a Borax mixture with water you can spray on your tipi to help you out. We are talking the type you can buy at the grocery store. Called the cheap mans version. Has to be re-aplied after sever rain storms.



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      Whenever I have made a tipi, usually Lakota style and 18' in size, I go and buy fireretardant spray that is used on outdoor tents. Up here in Canada, it runs about $16.00-$18.00 per can. I use four to six cans per tipi.

      The best way to insure that your tipi remains fireproof is to know what kind of wood to burn and how big of a fire to have inside. A fire that is made of the right wood, and the right size will burn quite nicely and will not smoke or cause fire damage to the tipi.

      I seldom make tipis anymore, I found it too stressful. Being a Mohawk, anytime I made a tipi it kept wanting to end up looking like a longhouse. HA HA HA ROFL. Just my thoughts. Onen.
      Skennen enhsenontonnion':hake - May you have peace in your mind and heart.


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        thanks for the info, will make me more comfortable knowing the shell is more fire proof than its been. ITs been good to me, and I want to take care of it. Thanks for the suggestions.
        Listen to the children


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