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  • moccs

    i'm in the very beginning stages of making fully beaded moccs (brainstorming patterns).
    for those who've made them- is it possible to ball park a number of hanks i'll need to buy to complete this? i'm a men's size 8 and i guess i'd use 11/0 beads for it.

    thanks in advance for any advice.



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    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by contemptradish:
    to ball park a number of hanks
    What does "to ball park" mean? My first language is NOT English and I would like to know if I can add this to my vocabulary. Perhaps then I might be able to answer your question. Thank you!


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      I'm pretty sure he means...approximately. One hank of each color should do you contemt.
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        Thank you Blackbear ... makes sense!

        How much has Anchorage changed since I had been there last in 1981? Was easy then to fly non-stop there from Europe within 10 or 11 hours, but now it means at least two stops and changes of planes and 20 hrs, just too much but I still think Alaska is one of the greatest places on earth -- my opinion, no statistical fact! Would love to ride the ARR again to Denali National Park and watch the beautiful common loons dive away on Wonder Lake and hear their eerie laughter, and see the alpenglow casting a pink light on the Mountain (with capital "M", no true Alaskan needs to be told which Mountain, I guess)!



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          You'll need around 4, maybe 5 hanks for the background color. Then one hank each of the design colors ought to do it. Always purchase more beads than you'll think you'll need. Its better to have extra beads than to not have enough. Good luck!


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            yes, good job of using context clues!
            "ball park" means estimating.
            i'm glad i can help contribute to the language lessons for the day. j/k

            thanks for the input everyone!



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              Just finished a pair for my size 12 boat-feet and I used smaller beads. Five hanks for the background should do it. Be on the safe side a get a hank of each color that you are using in the design. Good luck on the project. You will enjoy it, especially once it is finished. Hope this helps.


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                Black Forest: I would'nt know exactlyhow much has changed..I will have been in Anchorage for 5 years come this May. But I did start out life here living in Denali National Park and working for one of the hotels there. Man do I miss it too!! I love the seclusion yet only being 2-6 hours away from the nearest city. I miss the undisturbed wildlife as opposed to garbage bears and wintering moose playing in my car, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer (oops..sorry private joke between me and my hubby say crazy things when you are sleep deprivated and I happened to tell him that during the time when my daughter was only 3 weeks to a month old). I miss those adorable little ground squirrels who would come up and let me petthem. Anyhow..Anchorage keeps growing and growing. starting to look more like one of the big cities without all the high rise apartment buildings.
                Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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