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    I've lost a website and am hoping someone can help. I used to visit a website to print off some 13/0 gourd stitch graph paper. I lost the website when my computer died and took it with it. Anyone famliar with the site? All help is greatly appreciated.

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    You might want to try this web site Also Georg Barth's Book Native American Beadwork has a nice section on gourd stitch. You might be able to find a copy at your local library. I too would be interested in finding a web site that had gourd stitch grapgh paper. :)

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      I'd like to know too - also, does anyone know of any websites that have good instructions for gourd stitch? Or would anyone have printed instructions they could send me? I'm making a flat fan for my husband, and would really like to do gourd stitch on the handle instead of regular peyote, but I've never tried it before...


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        Try this website for peyote or gourd/brick stitch directions:

        I used to know where to get free graph paper to print out but don't remember since I bought beading software and have been using that instead. I'll look and see if I can find the site again.


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          JMM's advice and recommendations on the website and the book are solid. Both are very valuable resources. Anyone interested in beadwork should buy the book. Anyone wanting to follow easy to understand instructions on gourd stitch/peyote stitch, just visit the website.
          Still searching for the website that offers graph paper for gourd stitch. Will share it once I relocate it.


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            Try Then go to "Free Stuff." Hope that helps.


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              Well, jeez - after a lot of asking I finally found a website with good gourd stitch graph paper! You wouldn't believe how many people out there consider gourd stitch to be just regular old peyote stitch! Anyway, here's the website for thestogs, for gourd stitch graph paper, AKA three-drop peyote:


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                Thanks so much. Finding this graph paper is greatly appreciated.
                Excellent detective work! Thanks again.


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