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  • Crow Runnning Stitch

    Has anyone ever done any Crow beadwork the way George Barth describes in his book? I am doing a little research to a book and I was just wondering if anyone has tried this method. I am speaking specifically of Crow Running Stitch and NOT two needle applique.


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    Mr. Dean,
    Not having the book I am not sure which of the many "crow" stitches that are not applique you are talking about.


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      I think my book "Native American Beadwork" tells ALL you need to know about how to do the "Crow Stitch" -- you get a whole chapter on a single beading technique whereas other instructions do away with a a paragraph or a sentence that in most cases misunderstands and misinterpretes the technique!!!

      There is no such thing as a "Crow Running Stitch" and there's no other book to search for to find out about the technique. What is it that you are looking for???

      I think the picture below should make it very clear what the "Crow Stitch" is about! Now take a REAL CLOSE AND A LONG look at the tacking threads which the arrows are pointing to!!!

      <IMG SRC="" border=0>
      (The picture's graininess is because it's taken from a video, and shows part of a saddle blanket that was collected by the artist Charles Schreyvogel and is now in a German museum)

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