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    Does anybody have any good secrets you use to make beadwork flashy WITHOUT using rhinestones????????

    Sequins? Cuts? Bugles?Mirrors? Christmas Lights? juskiddin:Jumping:

    Couple years ago at Hobby Lobby I found these super sparkly bugle beads that (I think) shine in the sun better than rhinestones, but blend into beadwork better. They're Blue Moon Beads #2 silver bugle beads. They're actually silverlined clear beads, but the outer glass is the clearest I've ever seen and the silverlined hole is square, so the beads sparkle like facets. I use 'em whenever I run straight lines or outlines in my designs, and I edge bead with 'em for large simple shapes.

    Of course, now my local Hobby Lobby doesn't carry blue moon bugles, but I order 'em online at

    Any other keen ideas out there???????????????????

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    I have yet to work with rhinestones. However, I have a bunch of bugle beads and other silver lined beads from when a friend of mine had to down size his shop and couldn't find anyone to buy his stock of beads, findings, quills....ect. I was getting ideas on how I could use them. Cut beads are some of my favorites to work with .....especially the charlottes. As for any other ideas, what about using really shiny buttons for the centers of rosettes? I saw some really nice buttons at Hobby Lobby, but they are crystal & cost big time. One of these days, I may try them out though. I also saw some buttons I liked over at Joann Fabrics. I figure that buttons would work about the same as cabachons that people put in the middle of their work.


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      I think I know what buttons you're talking about...I haven't used em either cuz I can just put a single rhinestone in the same place for a fraction of the cost.

      A few years ago, I noticed a trend to put a line of small irridescent sequins along the edges of beadwork to add that extra sparkle. Again, I've never done this, but I would imagine that the sequins would wear out or show age too soon.

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        Hey sis! You gotta try doing some beadwork on tin foil! Let some negative space show through for that extra shiny look! Crinkle it up before beading on it for the faceted sparkely effect! Heck you could even get that x-mas foil stuff that comes in colors! Gaw, just about every other crazy-a$$ thing has already been done! If only they made neon aluminum foil, you'd see some rugged fancy shawl chick out there lookin like the tin man!

        If you really try it, I'll kick yer butt!
        Functionless art is simply tolerated vandalism.


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          very funny, don't worry I won't use foil on any beadwork...'cept YOURS!

          hey check out this little sumo dude, not relavant to the thread, just funny!

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