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  • bustle's

    i need some opinions on some good styles of bustles. i know there are alot of different ways to put a bustle together. what do ya'll perfer. (ex-single row, double row, single with messy bustle, etc.)


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    I like the double U-bustle shape. I like them without the wooden dowels on the back of every feather. The bustles looks like it sways better. Plus, if you ever take it apart, give the feathers away, or use them for something else then the back of the feathers aren't all messed up with all kind of glue on the back. I also think it looks better with appropriate size extensions for the feather. Spaced well enough so that each feather is touching.

    I also like the round style bustle with tail feathers. Those look pretty good.


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      I like single rows with a u-shape. But double rows also look good. I know one person on this board who has a nice single row with the "mess" or "nest" part in the middle.

      Our friend from Wisconsin makes a good point about not messing up the feathers in the bustle. There is a guy up in that part of the world who has clear tape on the back of his feathers. It does keep his feathers protected, but it seems too permanent to me. I guess if I danced as often and traveled as much as he does I might want the extra protection as well.

      WW-in putting together your bustle, I recomend making it as simply constructed as possible. I've seen guys with all kinds of contraptions to give their bustle the shape they want. The way I see it, the more stuff you have & the more complicated it is, the more maintanence you have to do to keep it together.

      What kind of bustle trailors do you guys prefer? I have the two piece, but I'm thinking about going to the one piece.



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        i normally use a double trailer but am thinking about using a single one this time.



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          :) i have to agree with CEM. You want to keep your construction as simple as possible.
          You won't have as much maintaince to do on a regular basis. Also you want to enjoy the dance instead of worrying about why your bustle isn't doing what you want it to.

          just my 2 cents


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            Some good advice here. Three things to remember....

            1) keep it simple, but
            2) do it right -- seek good information and advice but don't take the easy way out and
            3) as a round bustle dancer for 30 gentle...they aren't messy!

            Good luck!


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              i have a single trailer on mine with 12 feathers grouped in 3's. they are tied down at the tip and at mid feather with sinew. so i don't think they are going anywhere. i think i saw the guy with the clear tape on his feathers. when i asked him about them, he said that they were older feathers and he didn't want them to break. if they were black and whites then i think its the same guy.


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                Choice of bustles

                It depends on the style of dancing that you plan on doing and the materials that are available to you. Also, since your profile shows no tribal affiliation, it depends on how active the "feather Police" (fish and Game People) are in your area. Since a bustle takes more than fifteen minutes to put together, you want to make a choice that fits the style of dance you intend participating in for a good long time. But you have to watch that your choice won't cause legal problems, as is possible with authentic old-style costumes. Several years ago, the fist and Game raided a wicipi in Gulfport, MS AND CONFENSCATED REGALIA FROM DANCERS WHO DID NOT HAVE BLUE (TRIBAL) CARDS. Plan carefully and then have fun. I'd be interested in knowing what style you chose and the thought processes that led you there.


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                  northern traditional dancing is what i plan on doing for awhile. and i'll be using hand painted feathers.



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                    May I make a suggestion about feather choice. If you haven't already purchased the feathers, I would suggest not using handpainted. Use turkey or goose. Handpainted feathers look really good for about a year. Then the paint fades and they don't look so good. Also, the paint prevents you from being able to put the "fletching" back together once it separates. Real feathers, whether eagle, goose or turkey, seem to hold up a lot better than painted ones. Just a suggestion.



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                      right on, CEM- keep it simple. i totally agree! my first one had all this extra string and crap to try to keep the feathers up and holding a good U shape. it's way more simple now and no strings are needed. i've got 2 wires up from my back board and the string through the extensions loop onto it. nice and simple and it holds together and lays great. it's only one layer but i think 2 looks even better, personally. i'm thinking of adding another layed of feathers to it for this coming season.
                      another thing to keep in mind i think- as that with everything, your first try won't be perfect. still try hard, but it'll take some time and learning AND practice before you really feel comfortable with the bustle and how you build it. i found that anyway.

                      trailors- i have one fat one. used to have 2, but i like what you can do with one. it's pretty wide and i cut out and pieced together felt to copy the designs in my beadwork. i think it looks neat and no feathers on it to worry about sitting on or smashing!

                      and i'll agree that real feathers (natural) hold up better than painted. better for transport and storage too, when your feather might get smooshed.
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                        NORTHERN STYLE BUSTLE

                        The folks who are encouranging the use of natural colored feathers instead of painted ones are very correct. The fading that takes place in a year or two would leave you disappointed. To "stay legal" I recommend brown or black turkey featahers. For a U Style bustle you'll need about 42 spikes. I put pony beads on the center lace between the leather loops of the feathers to maintain spacing. I guess just about everyone is now using 1/4 inch plywood for the base instead of heavy leather like we used to when I was young enough to do this style dance. Be careful not to make the white buckskin "spots" too large or their weight (+glue) will weaken your feathers. Whether you use a double or a single set of feathers is a matter of taste. However if you are trying to main historical/traditional correctness, two trailers instead of one wide one is the way to go. Just remember not to hurry the project. "Right" and "quick" are not compatable. Let us know how this works out.


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                          A dealer called Tatanka Traditions makes excellent bustles using natural black turkey feathers. However anyone can do the same at half the cost. All it takes is a little patience. Also has a wide selection of natural black/brown turkey feathers. I suggest ordering enough so that all are pretty large and uniform. I know that whenever I usually order 24-36 feathers. I usually get only 1/4 to 1/2 that I'm actually going to use on the bustle (sometimes if u order over the phone you can sweet talk the person into getting hand selecting descent feathers). Hopefully these will help.


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                            I am in the process of making a bustle.....I got a do you string a bustle up, spacing the feathers and all.....basically how do you construct it.....I have all the feathers and the extensions......just need to know how to put it together.....thanks....



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                              thanks for all the help pep's. it is greatly appricietated.:Thumbs i'll look into the feather info that you gave me.


                              p.s. i'll post a pic of the final finished bustle.


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