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  • beadwork

    what kinda beadwork do you need for a nice outfit.


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    One thing at a time...


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      I'd say for a REALLY nice northern outfit you'd need a beaded vest (beaded front AND back), breech, belt/sidedrops, moccasins and armbands. All matching of course. And maybe also some beadwork on your leggings, and maybe a beaded roach spreader.


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          LF's description does have what your ultimate beadwork set would be. Matching beadwork always looks the best. But different beadwork with similar background colors doesn't look too bad either. Sometimes you get things as gifts that don't match your outfit and you don't want to let that stop you from wearing it.

          I'm not sure where beadwork on leggings would go. What did you have in mind LF?

          If you are starting out on a brand new project and are going to wear things as you make them, I'd do your beadwork in this order:
          1. Moccasins
          2. Kneebands if you don't wear leggings.
          3. Armbands
          4. Cuffs
          5. Side tabs
          6. Aprons
          7. Vest or yoke

          If you want to wait until the whole thing is done before you come out wearing it then it doesn't really matter. I like to start out small and get bigger. To me, after you get your side tabs done then you'll really have your outfit well together. Beaded side tabs pull the outfit together and make it look complete. Beaded aprons and a vest or yoke are the top of the line. A beaded spreader is also a great touch.

          As someone who's done a few beadwork projects, I recommend spending a lot of time planning your design out. The projects I've been the most happy with are the ones that I've spent the most time planning.

          The other thing that you might find in putting this beadwork set together is that after doing something huge like side tabs, you'll get sick of lazy stitch and want to straight dance instead!

          What else can folks here add to this?


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            when ya'll say beaded aprons, is this fully or just the bottom part??



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              Beaded Aprons

              It could be either. If I was going to bead aprons, I don't think I would bead the entire item. There will be a portion of your apron covered by a beaded belt or concho belt and probably a part of your breastplate will cover your aprons. There isn't much point in beading something that will not be seen. Especially when you are doing a substantial project.

              I don't have any beaded aprons. Does anyone out there have some and could offer some actual insight?



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                Well around here any uncovered piece of cloth or leather eventually gets beaded! (LOL)

                But on leggings, if you are doing northern plains style you could add a wide beadwork strip down the side of each leg. Or, for plateau style (panel leggings) you usually have a beaded cuff-like piece that goes around the ankles.


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                  I've got a pair fully beaded aprons. But I enjoy doing bead work. But I have seen several outfits were the apron was only partially beaded. But I've also seen several that looked like the outfit was a work in progress.
                  I think there is so much personal preference tht there is now right or wrong way to do it.
                  Around this area I'm seeing more and more outfits done without or vbery little beadwork. More cloth aprons and side tabs. Done really nice with lots of colors. Most out of gloss materials that really catch the light. I think most people still look at the bead work as the tops, but alot of the cloth outfits are killer.

                  I guess it's like I've always heard "What ever floats your boat":16: :Cooler :Eyepopper


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                    I wanted to reply on the question of whether to have a full beaded breach or apron. Personally, it is a matter of choice. When I started dancing everyone had cloth or buckskin breach. Now it seems everyone wants a fully beaded breach. I have two fully beaded outfits. The beadwork do add some weight.

                    I have been told by a good friend that should lend some caution when placing the beaded roach spreader on the roach. Reason, for the caution that typically you are adding beads to a natural surface, which if positioned incorrectly will cut the roach hair. I had it happen to me after a pow wow.



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