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  • rosettes

    can someone post instructions on how to back rosettes, please??


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    I hope I'm understanding your meaning, and don't sound like a fool by replying this way.

    I was taught with two layers; one of thin cardboard (like cigarette cartons), and one of some type of fabric (felt initially). Now I typically use canvas. The cardboard gives a nice, flat surface to work on, and the fabric supplies a nice safety net, just in case the cardboard were to ever get wet.

    I do hope this is an example of what you were looking for. I'm sure others on here can give you equally useful options.

    eek. Or did you mean simply putting the hide on the back and edgebeading around it?
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      I wouldn't use cardboard, because if they get wet or damp it will start breaking down. I bead my rosettes on canvas also. Cut out milkjug plastic, glue that onto the back of the rosette, glue on a leather backing, whipstitch around the edge (cut the plastic a little smaller so that you can stitch through the canvas and leather backing easier) and do your beadwork edging.



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        I was hoping someone would bring up rosettes again.

        My rosettes suck!!:Cry

        How do you keep your designs even. Mine always end up crooked and slanted.

        I don't know much about rosettes.............but is glue a good thing to use on a beaded piece???????? I would think if you are going to put the work into doing the beadwork that a person wouldn't want to take the easy way and use GLUE. That's just my thoughts...........


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          Make sure that all your beads are EXACTLY the same size - cull out the ones that are even minutely bigger or smaller. And just practice, practice, practice! As for using glue, I just use what works! After all, that's what our ancestors did - I'm sure if they had the supplies we do now, they would have used them. If I was doing a historical replica, then I probably wouldn't use glue, but for contemporary stuff what's the big deal? And once I do one, I don't ever want to have to bother with taking it back apart to fix it because the backing is all pulling off. Especially if you're going to be hanging feathers from them - you definitely don't want the backing ever pulling off and dropping the whole thing onto the floor! So I stick to glueing all the layers of the rosettes I make together so that they're basically just one piece. The only way they come apart is if I pull them apart!:devil


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            So, when you are beading rosettes, do you use 1 thread or 2?? Or does it really change the outcome of the project??


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              I don't know if one thread or two threads will change the appearance of the rosette, but it's more personal preference. I use one thread, with a running stitch, because I find it easier than using two threads. I was never coordinated enough to juggle two threads at the same time without tangling them up. Now my sister uses two threads for all her work and thinks it's easier. When you look at our rosettes you can't tell them apart.


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                I bead my rosettes on Pellon. Once beaded, I use the same method lightningflash uses with the middle stiffener piece cut from milk jug plastic. I glue that on and then glue on a backing of leather. Lastly, I edgebead all the way around so that everything is secured together.

                As for getting designs to out straight, take a ruler and compass and draw out some guidelines (quadrants or eighths, whatever) before you begin so you will know if you are shifting too far in any direction. Bead selection really is crucial although I keep all those slightly uneven and crooked beads that are bigger or smaller than the norm. These can actually help in spots to get your designs to come out even. Of course, toss out the really crooked beads.

                My biggest problem with rosettes was to not scrunch my rows too close together. It took me a long time to "loosen up"!


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                  As Little One suggested, the use of cardboard is great to keep things flat. She also uses canvas to keep everything together if sometime in the future the cardboard breaks down. Take a look in the Craft/beadwork section of the Gallery -- those rosettes (with the exception of the gourd-stitched one) are all her work.


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                    How do you start to bead the rosette? I been meaning to try it. Is it a hand stitching kind of thing? I have seen some that have a mirror inside and is beaded around it. How can you do that?
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                      Check out this link...I know they have a free downloadable instuctions on basic beading and free downloadable rosette graph papers. There are other free downloadables so you might just want to check the whole site out! I am not sure if they have rosette you definitly want to look at the last 5 pages of the freebies to find out.
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                        Blackbear: I couldn't get the link to work. Says site not found.:(
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                 They have some nice patterns for sale too
                          SHAKE IT!!!!


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                            When I do beadwork, whether it's rosettes or just flatwork, I use this stuff that's like a baby's like a lap pad, but it comes in a big length. I guess it's a crib liner. Anyway, it doesn't stretch and pull like felt does. Oh can buy it at walmart.


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                              Thanks Singing is the same place I was trying to post but I was doing a specific page and I guess it did'nt want to work LOL! Anyhow the things I mentioned are under the free stuff and there is 14 or 15 pages of it there to go through and most of the tutorials are in the last few pages.
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