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Best seed beads

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  • Best seed beads

    I am going to start a BIG beadwork job for my outfit and need to know the best size beads for lazy stitch and who makes the most uniformly sized beads? Italian, Chech, etc.
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    I'm not sure what size would be a typical size for lazy stitch...I tend to use size 11's for most of my big works. I find Japanese cut to be the most uniform in size...either Miyuki or Toho although you can use both brands together. Not to mention they come in the most colors and are good quality. You can find both places online..just type in either name on your web browser. Most stores don't like to tell you who thier wholesaler's are so you might have to ask your bead stores if they sell japanese beads from these can also tell by the color's number. So say if you look up Miyuki and the number of the color is 192 and you go to a store and see that they have that number on that color then you can pretty well assume that they are selling Miyuki that easy enough to follow? Japanese beads also have larger holes to work with so if you have to put a thread through it more than once you can do it with ease. One more note...if you are using a certain bead size, it is good to use the next size smaller needle when you are passing through a bead more than once with a in the case of size 11 beads, use a size 12 needle and size D thread..or F if you can get it through the eye.
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      I definitely like the Czech beads myself. For big beadwork projects I'd stick with probably 11's. If the bead designs are big and bold and not a lot of detail, I might even go 10's. The bigger the bead, the more space it fills. But, if you have some intricate designs, go smaller.

      I lazy stitched a cape, apron, side tabs, cuffs and moccs for my fancy outfit. The designs are big and bold. I did it in 10's and it turned out nice.

      I've done some work with the Japanese beads. Someone mentioned it earlier, but the fancy finishes are not color fast. They actually wear off pretty quickly. So I would not recommend them.

      Hope that helps.

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        While I agree with everything that has been said to this point I let the design determine the size beads. I just started a fancy shawl set for my dauther and I am beading a good bit of the cape in 13 0 cuts to bring out the detail.


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