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    Hey all,
    Does anyone have a pattern or any tips on making beaded cuffs??

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    Measure the circumference of your wrist and your upper forearm where you want the cuff to end. The length from wrist to upper forearm should be around 2/3 the distance from wrist to elbow. Draw out the dimensions as a trapezoid and add one inch on all four sides if you use fabric (add only 1/2 inch on all four sides if you bead to leather). This 1/2 inch gives a little play. The 1/2 inch extra on the canvas is so you can fold over and hem. Good luck.
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      you basically have plenty of options out there. i have seen them that are square, rectangular and trapizoidal. with or without fringe and partially or fully beaded.

      me i use trapizoidal cuffs, fully beaded with fringe. i normally use velcro for the keeping them on but for the pair i'm building now i'm going to try snaps.



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        i agree with DCP that it's important to make sure you leave enough extra material on the outside edges of your pattern! one time i cut it way too close and almost couldn't use the beading the way i wanted to.
        oh, and it may sound dumb, but if you're wearing them over a shirt, just make sure that you measure for the pattern over a shirt. sometimes people just measure over their wrist and then the shirt feels too bunchy underneath when they're done.


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          contemptradish is right, i know i felt really stupid the last time i made a set of cuffs cause i forgot to measure with the shirt on. and they didn't fit.



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