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Adding new thread when doing peyote/brick beading

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  • Adding new thread when doing peyote/brick beading

    Okay, I self taught my self how to bead..(patting myself on the head) but when I run out of thread, I have no idea how to re-thread.....hmmmm any good suggestions out there?

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    Oh wow..Ok someone else can try to just explain this, but if everyone will give me a little time likea day or two, I can try to come up with a little bead tutorial here and take some pics on how to add on a thread. I know what you mean self taught. I learned alot from my aunts but learned alot more from books..that is why my bead lingo is different from some others...but like I said, give me a few and I will try to make one with pics to post here ok? If you can't wait that long then go to and check through the freebies to see if they have a downloadable tutorial there that you can look at...they would be on the last 5 or 6 pages of the freebies.
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      Here's some help. Every now & again I teach a Class here is how to add a thread Hope you can understand it. Sorry no scanner to put up pictures(drawings) of directions. If you pm me with address I can snail mail the whole thing.
      To finish off a thread, work the thread back thru several beads, crossing over the thread making a circle. Go out the last bead you were woking on. thread the last bead in the round with the needle & thread. To start a new thread, repeat the same procdure as above, comming out where the last thread is. Thread another needle work the thead in, in a circle like you are ending. Come out the bead with the needle & thread in it pick up the correct color of bead & countinue working. Cut the old thread. This will keep you from having odd bead counts.
      :) Good luck


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        Yeah what they said LOL!! In other words it is really is'nt too different than how you would do it for loomwork..but will have to go through many beads in a direction instead...
        Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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          Yep, if you weave the threads tails into your work, you won't need to make any knots. (That's a good thing!) In fact, if you weave in a circle as mentioned above and pierce the thread through itself, that actually holds just as well as a knot.


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            I weave the old thread up through several beadrows but I do not start the new thread the same way. I tie a knot in the end of the thread after it is threaded through the needle. Then I run the needle through the leather and pull it up to the knot. I then use a lighter to burn the excess thread behind the knot down to the leather and mash it flat. (yes the stuff is hot but you can use the side of the lighter if your fingers can't handle it). This makes a disk that can't be pulled through the leather.

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              GEEEEEEEEEEEEE, YOU GUYS ARE ALL THE BEST. THank you so much for putting attention on this one.....Here's to all of you....:clap:


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                Hey! Great suggestions guys! I have one question though, do you do the same thing for peyote and brickwork? I add new threads differently for both. Maybe just the way I was taught, was wondering if this needs to be done.


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                  Please let me know what you do that is different, all suggestions are welcomed:D


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