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I'm At The End Of My Loom And I Need To Continue Working On Belt

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  • I'm At The End Of My Loom And I Need To Continue Working On Belt

    .................................................. .:Help

    Hey folks, its me again! I ran into another problem...:wall: Well, my loom is about 20" long, or something like that, and I've beaded about 15" of this 30" belt that I how in the world to I continue? where do I wrap the beginning so that I can continue....I have one of those adjustable looms with a metal thread or bar at the end.....but what now???
    This butterfly is about to head the otherway, away from the loom!

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    are you working on a good loom or one of those kid type looms? How did you attach the ends? If you can answer these questions for me I might have a solution or two for you
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      HI Blackbear, well my loom is one of the wooden ones. It has 3 pegs at one end that i tied the warping strings to and the other end also has 3 pegs, but they are removable.I pray to our Creator that someone can help, I spend an awful amount of time on this belt, and had plenty of arguements with hubby because he doesn' t understand how much work this takes...:(


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        Ok...with what you are working with...I would have to say that the easiest route you can go is to bead as much of it as you can, then weave your warp threads back into the beads like you are finishing it off....then go and start another loom from where you left off and then weave the two halves together by taking the ends and weaving them back and through each I wish Ihad a piece going to show you what I mean..I might have to make a diagram of this also and post it tonight to show you waht I am talking about ok?
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          Blackbear, seems like ya gonna have to put them diagrams on here....but let me just tell you that I had measured about 40" of warping thread and the remainder is sort of hanging out at the end waiting to be threaded, but I know there is a way to wrap this piece that I already did.


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            Okay here is a suggestion. I did this before when I had your problem. But now I have a loom I made with a 2x4 and 2 combs that is much longer. It works fine.

            Okay, since u've beaded so much, the spaces between the strings is kind of already established by the beads? Make sense? So just take the beadwork threads off of the side that has the finished beadwork. Before you do this, put a piece of tape over the side w/ the dangling threads, so that the threads don't accidentally get loose and tangled. THe tape will hold them down. Tape the beadworked side that u've just taken off the loom to a table or the wall, or NEthing, so that it is still hanging flat. So basically what the taping to the wall does is ensures that u have tension still. Keeping the other end of the threads in the loom ensures that the threads don't get out of order or tangled. Then, just take off the tape holding the loose end off, and ur ready to bead.

            Yeah, this setup is kind of cumbersome but it does work. You can tape the beadwork to NEthing really, if u want to take it with you. You can even tie it to the handhold on the back of a seat in a car (which I did) lol.

            Just another suggestion, if you don't want to do Blackbear's method. I'm sure other people have ideas too.

            Good luck. Also, I hope this makes sense!


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              Sounds better than my idea!
              Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                Eap7, yes that does sound like a good idea, and as I read your response something came to me....since my loom is very long, I can tape it to the underside of the loom or even tape it and then wrap it with a cloth, so not to weaken or shift any beads around. So its basically the same thing you said, but instead of taping it to the wall, I will tape it to the underside of the loom, but sort of protect the already beaded part with something along with the tape......TANX BUDDY!:Thumbs AND TANX TO U2 BLACKBEAR :Wave


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                  Yup yup yup-sounds good :p to me!

                  Good luck with your belt Mariposa; I'm sure it'll be fabulous. :D


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