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Really flat barrets

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  • Really flat barrets

    I've seen some dancers with these really purdee barretts. They seem to juss stick on the girls hair. The ones I've seen on fancy/jingle dress dancers go from the top of the head to the sides. (does that make any sense???)

    My sister thinks they're cute.. and asked me to make one for her. I like to stick to making my rosettes. :Chatter BUT... I love my sister. Soooo... my question... how do they keep them soooo flat?? I'm puzzled.. :p :p My guess.. they use them.. umm.. hair pins or hair clips.. Am I right?? Am I right?? (I'm not sure what they're called... I'm a scrunchy girl.. ;))

    Anyone out there.. with sum clues.. Thanx!! I love this place... so many helpful people. :Angel2

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    I think that the flatness of a barette is most likely due to the spacing of the beads and how tightly you pull the thread. It could also be due to the foundation of the beadwork. I use starched felt, which can be found at Michael's. My designs (on paper) are usually tacked down with a gluestick. After my beading is complete, I put plastic in between my beading and the backing. If you want to be sure that your barette doesn't slide out from under your beadwork, cut slits in your plastic or what ever you are using to slide it in. The barette is locked into place.
    The plastic I use is from milk jugs, but I am going to experiment with this eskatuff (a vinyl material from Noc Bay) I bought. I have a feeling that it will be better than the milk jug plastic.

    Hopefully, this has helped you. Good luck with your barette. :)


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      I've made some before and I've seen how some girls make them. and they use those little barettes. You know you bend them one way and they pop open , bend them again and they close. I don't know the name of them. But that is what some of them use.


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        Before you back and edgebead your finished beadwork, glue it to a piece of manilla folder. This will sufficiently stiffen it up to keep it flat. Now to keep it flat on the head when worn you want to use small barrettes. I would suggest 2 of them placed about 2" apart in the center of the piece. Don't be afraid to place the vertically or on a slant so they get a good grip on the hair without bowing the barrette.

        Hope that helps

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          Amethyst313.. alright... yeah my sister calls them "hair clips". I'll give those a try. Hopefully, it looks normal. :)

          Hey... those were some good tips that u gave!! I usually just get some "stiff-enuf-plastic" to use as a backing. These barrets bend around the head tho. Sooo.. I'm not sure if there would be any backing.

          Ahh.. I'll figure it out as I bead along. :P Much meegwetc again. Meegwetc.. Meegwetc.. Thank U.. Thank U
          ~* Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to *~


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