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  • beading moc tops

    What kind of beadwork are you wanting to put on them? are you wanting the strip-like beadwork that goes all around the bottom and then either the strips on top or a rosette? Are you wanting a fully beaded pair? If you want the fully beaded, then do it on canvas and attach. The problem with beading moccasins is that no matter how careful you are..eventually they are still going to wear and tear and you will have to repair them once in awhile so just take good care of them to make them last as long as possible. As far as soles go...I have only seen them done with latigo or soft soled which is just the bottoms are made out of the leather you are using to make the moccasins.
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    What you can use will depend on whether or not you are going to fully bead your shoes, as Blackbear pointed out. In any case, if durability is your main concern, I would definitely go with leather for the uppers. Deer hide is most common although you can also use elk or moose. Those last two tend to be thicker and heavier than deer. I don't like cowhide because it does not stretch and can rip instead. Brain tan is wonderful but commercial leather does just fine too for much cheaper. The problem with canvas is that it is a woven material and unless you carefully bind the edges, it will fray and come apart. As for soles, I've used every type commonly used and would go with either the latigo or buffalo rawhide. These have lasted the longest. A sewing tip that will help your mocs last longer is to sew the upper and sole together with a welt in between the seams. This protects the stitches. Good luck with your project.


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      beading moc tops

      hey folks,
      Here is a questions for you, I'm itching to bead a pair of moc tops (northern plains style) I was wondering whay everybody else used for the base? Would you use brain tanned? Or canvas? Or the canvas sandwich as posted in the other topic? Just wondering what is the best so it doesn't blow out on me and what would you use for the sole besides latigo or rawhide? Thanks and keep beading


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